Friday, September 17, 2010

Bargain Hunters Plan Ahead, updated

Bargain hunters plan ahead -- we get on the mailing list of stores that provide clothing we like! That way we get first dibs on sale and super-sale items.

Bargain Hunters and Plan Ahead were posted in 2009. The advice still stands, and to make it easier for you to benefit from that advice, I've created a Modesty Mall, Boutique Narelle's list of recommended online stores that have consistently provided MODEST clothing options for women.

Get on the mailing list of your favourite stores
so you know when the bargains are ripe for picking!

Disclaimer: Boutique Narelle personnel have not purchased garments from all stores in the list, so we can not vouch for quality or service, nor do we claim all stock in these stores to be of a modest nature.

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