Friday, November 5, 2010

Modesty Isn't About Rules

I know you love getting girly with like-minded girls.  It's a precious thing to have sisters and/or girlfriends who share our values and make time to be with us.

In those girly times, has one of you brought up the topic of modesty? How did it go? It's so easy for friendly discussions to turn into arguments over hemlines.  Were you able to get past the technical do's and don'ts and dig to the core of the matter?

If you did, you know that modesty isn't about rules. Modest is a heart issue, and it effects our relationships.

I know you care about your relationships with the people around you. Take six minutes to find out how you can enhance yours by listening to Elizabeth Inrig in this video answering

What is modesty? who cares? why bother?

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