Friday, December 27, 2013

Golden Roses: Special Occasion Up-Do for medium-length curly or curled hair

Here's a hair style for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, or any occasion where you want to add a splash of special to your appearance.

I'm just back from a beautiful Christmas Eve service, my heart filled with thanksgiving to the Almighty who chose to come down to such a world as this, to suffer and die as a man and rise again from the dead in order to rescue me and you. I surely needed rescuing. You can find out just how much I needed it by listening to my mini keynote concert here.

Rose of Sharon is one of the Saviour's names. A rose of golden glory sort of colour seems fitting when I consider that the manger is empty, the cross is empty, the tomb is empty, because Jesus lives! He's Victor over Death, and Lord of my heart. So tonight I styled my hair with a crown of golden roses.
You'll need five mini claw clips, one larger one (dependent on thickness of hair), and three large fabric rosebuds.

Begin by segmenting the top-front section (a parting on each side and straight across the top level with your ears).

Twist it gently out to one side until the whole length is evenly twisted but not tight.

Place the tail of the comb under the base of the coil and nudge in the opposite direction to your hair tail. Let your hand holding the end follow the hint, allowing the hair to fall into coils against your scalp, twisting more if necessary to maintain evenness of the coil density. Use your fingers to form the coils into shapely loops.

Secure the loops with two mini claw clips.

Lift back section of hair into a pony tail centred at crown of head, twist a couple of times then lift the tail up over the top of your head and let it drape over your forehead.

Secure the base of the tail with larger claw clip (choose a size capable of holding the thickness of your hair).

Feel the base of the claws to check that all of the tail is within the grasp of the clip.

Flip your hair back from your forehead and arrange the curls to cover the claw clip and form a pleasing frame to your face.

This is as far as I go for a normal daytime hairstyle, but tonight I poked in three rose stems into the mass of hair on top of my head above the claw clip (which is now hidden by the fountain of curls).
 Then I gathered the draped curls into a pinch at the back of my head and secured with a mini claw clip.
 The sides were a little bit bouffy, so (below) I added a mini claw clip on each side as well.
Would you like to see a sequence of this hairstyle being created? Leave a comment below.

Best wishes to you!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

2 Keys for How to Travel Light and Be Prepared for Every Situation

TRAVEL TIPS for modest women
Modest ladies experience a higher luggage-to-person ratio than most modern women because modest garments use more fabric than many clothing designers consider necessary. Undaunted, we study to acquire packing skills that allow us to travel lighter.

How to travel light and be prepared for every situation

I suspect I may be modest Queen of Being Prepared, an attitude normally in antipathy of standard luggage allowances, but I’ve learned a few things that have helped me be prepared for every eventuality and lighten my luggage.

The two keys to maximize your luggage space and give you more freedom in closet choice are FORETHOUGHT and FLEXIBILITY.

  1. Find out what the demands of climate and environs will be.
  2. Plan ahead for these situations. A) Assess key garments on the basis of functionality. If you don’t have suitable basic items, buy or sew garments that will meet all the situation requirements. B) Base your outfit choices on being able to add layers during cooler weather and remove layers during warmer weather.
  3. Inquire about laundering options. If you’ll have access to a sink, a wet area to drip-dry garments, and the time to wash and dry them, you can take less clothing changes (but don’t forget to organize hangers and hooks or clothes line).
  4. Consider whether you need to take an item with you or you can buy or borrow it when you get there.
  5. Buy small versions of personal care items, or downsize your containers to mini ones with enough product for your needs for the duration of your trip.

  1. Identify all situations you can expect to encounter, and choose garments and accessories that will mix-and-match and adapt to different climate situations and activities.
  2. Train yourself to be flexible in the way you live. For instance, use a smaller towel, style your hair simpler, wear clothing without ironing and for longer periods between laundering, or use the same fleece for cold nights in bed that you wear as a jacket during the day.
Forethought and Flexibility are your best travel mates!

Bon Voyage!

How has this list helped you? Do you have any travel tips you’d like to share? Post a comment below.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Perfect Modest Outfit for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Do you panic when you're invited to an outdoor summer wedding? Does the question "What am I going to wear?" give you nightmares? It's hard enough to find a modest dress, but a special occasion modest dress? One that doesn't cost a heap? Help!

I recently came upon these photos of a New Zealand summer wedding I attended as guest and wedding singer. I hope you'll be inspired with ideas or at least encouraged to make your preparations well beforehand so you can enjoy the event, knowing you're appropriately dressed.

Remember, my style does not have to be (in fact, should not be) your style. Your life and personality are unique. Allow yourself to express that.

Here you see me at the beginning of the day, before the heat took effect. Waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin, I was able to sit in the shade and enjoy a cool breeze.

Hats are a feature of my personal style, but I also find them superbly practical when outdoors. This hat was white when I bought it from Postie.

The cotton burnout blouse (The Warehouse) with covered buttons and cotton lace was also white. I dyed the hat and blouse together in the same pot. I've paired the blouse with a lace-top JayJays camisole.

The purchased fabric flower is secured with a pearl-headed hat pin. To travel, I removed the flower and flattened the hat to stow it in my bag. The flower traveled in a cosmetic purse that protected it from getting squashed.

The curls are my own.

The afternoon heat was intense by the time I sang, but at least I had my back to the sun, which the valiant orchestra did not. Here I've rolled my hat brim up, better allowing me to see and the audience to see my face. It was hot having my hair down, but it allowed me peace of mind that I wouldn't get a sun-burned neck.

White jandals (thongs/flip-flops) with cork inner soles were perfect for my feet, thanks to the dressy but non-formal style of the wedding. I was thankful for the easy-balance heels, too, given the uneven grassy surfaces of the camping ground venue.

I purchased the skirt on clearance for NZ$10 at Ezibuy. Labelled a "beach skirt", it had a crinkle cotton outer layer and voile half-slip underneath, all transparent. I unpicked the joining seams of the knit waistband, outer skirt, and lining, placed a new full-length layer of cotton gingham in between the outer skirt and lining, and stitched it together again.

I love this skirt. I can wear it for casual or more dressy occasions. It's brilliant for spring through summer to autumn. The roll-over knit waistband is comfortable. It travels well. It's easy care. I launder it in a cold wash with a medium spin and drape it over a drying rack indoors (no pegs allowed near that knit waistband). It requires no pressing. The one downside is the light colour, making it susceptible to grubby seats, grass stains, or dirty cars, but in the 3+ years I've been wearing it, most of these have been removable.

I found this outfit excellent for maintaining comfort and elegance during the heat on a long day. Now I know how well it works, it's one I can pull out any time and know I'll look good and feel great. I hope you find an outfit that does that for you, too.

All the best!

PS For progress on production of the "Magdala Waltz", click here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Great Shopping DownUnder for Modest Women


Damart and Victoria Hill catalogues are among my favourite clothing resources because of their consistent provision of wide variety of attractive, modest, feminine garments in a moderate price range. You can guarantee there will be modest tops and long skirts in any season. Worthy of note is that through the 2013 southern autumn and winter seasons they were the ONLY store downunder that provided modest long skirts.

Unless you have easy access to a well-stocked secondhand shop or are comfortable sewing what you need, Damart/Victoria Hill is as good as it gets in New Zealand and Australia. (If you have knowledge to the contrary, I'd love to hear from you!)

Note: Listed catalogue prices are in NZ$.


I'm sharing in this post a selection of the delights available from the current catalogue. Remember, the age and shape of the model and the styling choices of the catalogue stylist should not dictate whether a garment will work for you or how you should wear it. You have the power to choose, to combine, to wear what is right for YOU.

If these garments don't meet your needs and bring the real you alive, check out the other recommended stores in the Modesty Mall until you find items that will reflect who you are and what you believe.


Key to choosing clothes and accessories that make you look good and feel great is to ask yourself these four questions when shopping:

1. Does it enhance my God-given colouring?
2. Does it match my lifestyle and beliefs?
3. Does it align with my character and  personality?
4. Does it compliment my natural body type?

Best wishes,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Marvellous Quotes for Modest Women!

Whenever Narelle encounters quotes she thinks will encourage, inform, and inspire ladies desiring to be modest, she posterizes them and pins them to Marvellous Quotes for Modest Women. Here are some examples.

Former lingerie model Kylie Bisutti speaks of giving up something she loved because she knew it was displeasing to God. Have you found yourself in that position? What happened next? Joy or misery? Here's what happened to Kylie:
Former lingerie model Kylie Bisutti speaks of giving up something she loved because she knew it was displeasing to God. Have you found yourself in that position? What happened next? Joy or misery?
"Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are, to some extent, a gift. Good character, by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it, piece by piece -- by thought, choice, courage, and determination."
 lol We've all been here, haven't we?"How then should we dress?" I love Amanda Read's contrasts between Ms. Seduction and Ms Careless, Ms Overscrutiny and Ms Insecurity, and then Ms Dignified Loveliness. I know which I want to be.
Enjoy more marvellous quotes for modest women with Boutique Narelle on Pinterest.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Purpose of Modesty, and a glimpse of my home studio

The Purpose of Modesty: "I believe we women need to understand the role of womanhood, embrace our God-given femininity, express our Designer-uniqueness, and as ambassadors, radiate the love and beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ to a dark, despairing world." Narelle Worboys

Here's me testing the first-stage installation of my home studio, which I've been working to create since October 2012. I have moved or pitched such a lot of paper, books, and furniture.

My portrait nook is just 90cm wide and features a queen-size bed sheet, 4x8ft of polystyrene, and a completely bare wall (nowhere else in this house has such a thing). I'm now in the process of altering the window dressing for better and easier light control.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What to Wear for a (Modest) Daytime Concert

I'm going to have some fun tomorrow. Well, actually, the fun started today when I chose my outfit and hung it where I could enjoy the anticipation while I worked.

We're going to make music down at Rahiri elder care centre. I'm doing my version of "Panis Angelicus" and perennial favourite, "My Child."

I tried my outfit on tonight to check that everything still fits. I get as much fun from dressing up as I do from singing, and I figure my audience should be as blessed by looking at me as they are by listening to me. A little effort is beneficial all around.

It's been nearly two years since I've worn a skirt (blame the intestinal parasites for that). I've blogged about the much-admired jacquard stretch-cotton mermaid skirt several times. It last made an appearance at Charmagne's Wedding, October 2011.

I designed the yellow top for my Auckland vocal debut (October 2010), but ended up wearing a blue outfit instead (it worked better visually). I did wear this one for the dress rehearsal, and discovered that if you aim to work under hot lights in a shiny fabric, best find a discreet way to catch the perspiration!

My venue tomorrow will be warm, but but it's winter in New Zealand, so layering a close-fitting, long-sleeved tee/spencer underneath should work out just comfortable. My voice is better when my body is warm, anyway. I'll let you know whether my golden armpits remain untarnished.

Now to figure out the shoes and hair.

After four years of searching, I still haven't found a pair of taupe or cream cuban-heeled boots that fit my feet . All my light-coloured shoes are supremely summery (and the storm outside is making it feel very wintery right now). Maybe I'll try my dark brown lace-up boots.

Hair? I have faith that inspiration will come in the moment, in front of the mirror. Note to self: Allow time for hair.

Do you plan your outfits a day or so ahead, or do you open your closet when it's time to get ready?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Destiny, Purpose, Reason to Be...

"Destiny, Purpose, Reason to Be... Why was I born? Why am I me? How shall I live through this night? From where shall come my light? 'I am the light of the world,' Jesus said. Remove my darkness, Lord. Use me to shine Your Light abroad." Narelle Worboys

Narelle digging deep on what is Modesty...

I've been spending hours and hours with family, friends, business coaches, and just me by my determined self getting specific on what exactly is modesty. Everywhere we look there's disagreement on this and often extreme disharmony.

It's a tough call, but if we can crack the code, you'll get a better service for it. I value your prayers for wisdom, discernment, and creative energy!

"Don't create something with a limit if you don't know what the limit is." W. Vito Montone

"Everything is possible." W. Vito Montone

"I can do all things through Christ which stengtheneth me. " Apostle Paul, Holy Bible

Thursday, June 6, 2013

With modest intention: your biggest challenge and my biggest task

Thank you SO MUCH to the ladies who have responded to the survey question, “What’s your #1 frustration when it comes to modesty or femininity?” Your honesty and transparency moves me (sometimes to tears) and is deeply appreciated.

When I read your comments, I long for the privilege of talking face to face with you so that together we can turn your difficulties into victories. I’m working hard to make such opportunities possible.

The survey is still open. If you haven’t had your say yet, I would so love to hear what your modesty or femininity needs and frustrations are. Here’s the link. It’s also in the left hand side bar so you can click on it from anywhere on this website.

5 Essentials for an Apron Design that Makes a Woman Happy

I’ve been working on a new apron design. This isn’t my first effort, and in the course of trial and error using a variety of apron patterns, I’ve identified five essentials that make me a happy apron wearer.

1.    It must protect my clothes from dirt encountered amid the varied duties of homemaking tasks (cooking, cleaning, childcare, etc).
2.    It must be comfortable – in my case, not pull at or weigh down on my delicate neck (better apron, less osteopath).
3.    It must be easy to get on and off (no over-the-head business or hard-to-reach buttons or straps).
4.    Its size must be adaptable to clothing bulk worn underneath through different seasons.
5.    The fabric must be in a print that helps hide stains.

Having fiddled and adapted with several apron styles, and having failed one time too many (how many failures are enough for you?!?), I listed what I actually needed from a design, and the result was that I chucked apron patterns altogether.

Instead, I based my design on a tunic pattern. From that, I created a custom apron that met all of my criteria. Some would call it a coverall. I made it long enough so it does nearly cover all.

So far this creation is working a treat. In addition to my five essentials, I’m enjoying these benefits: I love wearing it, it makes me feel fresh, pretty, and stylish (as well as clean), and, happy day! the colours work wonderfully with a variety of my outfits.

If the thought of adding an apron over your clothes in a hot kitchen on a midsummer's day makes you feel fainthearted, this style could relieve some of that stress. Wear it over as little as an unlined skirt and a cropped, sleeved top in lightweight cotton, and you'll look modest and gorgeous and a little less frazzled. Sound good to you?

What are your essentials for a good apron? Have you found a style that works for you?

Please add a comment or click Like on Facebook to let me know what you think of this post!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Identifying Your Greatest Modesty or Femininity Challenge

One Question to Help Me Help You Better:
What is your greatest modesty or femininity challenge?

Dear Ladies,

What is the #1 challenge you’re experiencing with living modestly, loving femininity, and leading your heart toward true beauty?

After a year’s furlough during which I spent countless hours researching and studying how to give you better value and service through my creative projects, I’m back in school with a formal business coaching program. I’m excited about what I’m learning, and look forward to helping you solve your challenges with greater alacrity and flair.

My first step toward this is learning from you what your deepest needs are. I would be honoured if you would share these with me by filling in the box on this survey form. Click here to take survey

If you find it hard to pick just one challenge, pile them all in. They’re all valid and I want to hear what you’re dealing with.

I know your time is precious. Thank you so much for taking a minute to help me help you better. Click here to take survey

Fiat lux!
Narelle Worboys

Monday, March 18, 2013

Chance for Free Colours Consultation by Expert in NZ

ANNOUNCING an opportunity on Facebook for you to win an encounter which for me was life-changing. Two hours with Debbie brought a new perspective on my femininity which began a wonderful journey of discovery. Three years later, it still delights me.

Now here's your chance for that! Or maybe you have a friend who needs some feminine encouragement?
Photo: Which colours can you wear?

I see every day as a new opportunity to take women from all walks of life on a personal journey of discovery to develop a style that suits their personality, age and lifestyle. Every client is unique.

My aim is to inspire and empower New Zealand women to make a change for the better; make a change that will cause people to stop and say 'wow'; to awaken a spirit of adventure in women to change the way they feel about themselves - and the world sees them!

Like Colours Plus Image Consulting on facebook and share the image and you personality will be in to WIN A COLOURS CONSULTATION SERVICE with me!!
Send your full name and email address, either privately through facebook or email me:
Promotion finishes 21 April 2013.
Debbie Albrecht of Colours Plus Image Consulting writes:

"Which colours can you wear?

"I see every day as a new opportunity to take women from all walks of life on a personal journey of discovery to develop a style that suits their personality, age and lifestyle. Every client is unique.

"My aim is to inspire and empower New Zealand women to make a change for the better; make a change that will cause people to stop and say 'wow'; to awaken a spirit of adventure in women to change the way they feel about themselves - and the world sees them!

"Like Colours Plus Image Consulting on Facebook @
 and share the image, and you personally will be in to WIN A COLOURS CONSULTATION SERVICE with me!!

"Send your full name and email address, either privately through facebook or email me:

"Promotion finishes 21 April 2013."

Go on. Grab your chance now. You'll love what Debbie can do for you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Solve Your Clothing Difficulties, Introduction

SCOOTER SHOOTER. This was part of several themed shoots, which you’ll see more of below. There were a few challenges - I needed a peg to hold up my heirloom skirt, and it was a relief to release the belt, but a month ago I couldn’t have worn a belt at all. It was fun shooting the sequences.

Have you ever felt powerless to dig yourself out of a difficult situation? What did you do?

A year ago, I collapsed onto our couch and remained there for five weeks. You may recall that I had one winter skirt, and its lining had split. It was another seven months before I was strong enough to begin digging myself out of my closet emergency.

How did I survive the interim? Importing a friendly Australian rescue operation [Suzannah Sews a Mountain in Eighteen Days!] kept me warm and feminine through the long winter.

VIKING BARBIE. Suzannah carves a melon feast, which she eventually nicknamed the Viking Barbie due to the latticed side-ties and glowing pinkness.

DADDY’S DAFFODIL. Rejoicing in a bright new winter garment paired with favourite scarf, my Closet Savior and I laughed through some farewell photos.

This summer, blessed by an unexpected break from my health treatment program (feels like a reprieve from chemotherapy!), I’ve been frequently at the sewing machine, bubbling with delight over finished projects which mean I have choice in what I wear. Yippee!

VIKING BARBIE BEATS THE HEAT. Dealing with city summer heat, six floors up and no airflow, the all-seasons Viking Barbie worked a treat. It also travels well in a pack.

AFTERNOON TEA WITH AUNTY. Go on, use that lovely china. Take the time to make special memories with the people you love.

Yes, I’ve been photographing my progress. I look forward to sharing details with you, knowing that I’m not the only woman experiencing closet challenges, that maybe my ideas will spark the solutions you need for your situation.

Your course may be long and difficult, but you have the power to solve your closet or personal appearance challenge, or any other kind of challenge, if you persevere. I know. Don’t give up, please. I invite you to share your thoughts in the Comments box below or subscribe to my Facebook and I’ll come and have a conversation with you.

Fiat lux!

RIDING ASTRIDE. When lady doth straddle, best array for the saddle.

RAINBOW POPPET. Island Adventure with Little Miss Niece.

DOUGHTY DENIM. Infinite are the styling options for denim fabric!

FRANGIPANI GLOW. A Boutique Narelle design in self-shirred cotton. The summer has been consistently warm enough to get me into short sleeves!

WEDDY FOR WHEEL ADVENTURE? Aw wight, but where will we go?

MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MOO. My Christmas Wish was for a walk in a nearby bush reserve. We left the heat haze for canopy of tranquil green and birdsong, whence I came upon the startling spectacle of a gangrenous cattle beast, its back to me, lying splayed upon the forest floor. I approached with caution. Here you see me with my foot on its neck. It turned out to be nothing more than an overtly bulbous tree root. Well, it makes a good yarn, right?

WHO HIT HER SNOOZE BUTTON? Looks like that’s all for this time, folks!

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