Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Identifying Your Greatest Modesty or Femininity Challenge

One Question to Help Me Help You Better:
What is your greatest modesty or femininity challenge?

Dear Ladies,

What is the #1 challenge you’re experiencing with living modestly, loving femininity, and leading your heart toward true beauty?

After a year’s furlough during which I spent countless hours researching and studying how to give you better value and service through my creative projects, I’m back in school with a formal business coaching program. I’m excited about what I’m learning, and look forward to helping you solve your challenges with greater alacrity and flair.

My first step toward this is learning from you what your deepest needs are. I would be honoured if you would share these with me by filling in the box on this survey form. Click here to take survey

If you find it hard to pick just one challenge, pile them all in. They’re all valid and I want to hear what you’re dealing with.

I know your time is precious. Thank you so much for taking a minute to help me help you better. Click here to take survey

Fiat lux!
Narelle Worboys

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