Friday, October 4, 2013

The Purpose of Modesty, and a glimpse of my home studio

The Purpose of Modesty: "I believe we women need to understand the role of womanhood, embrace our God-given femininity, express our Designer-uniqueness, and as ambassadors, radiate the love and beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ to a dark, despairing world." Narelle Worboys

Here's me testing the first-stage installation of my home studio, which I've been working to create since October 2012. I have moved or pitched such a lot of paper, books, and furniture.

My portrait nook is just 90cm wide and features a queen-size bed sheet, 4x8ft of polystyrene, and a completely bare wall (nowhere else in this house has such a thing). I'm now in the process of altering the window dressing for better and easier light control.

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