Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Modest Bridal & Formal, Part 2

There's no need to sacrifice modesty for style when you can have it all in one gorgeous gown!

The difficulty, of course, is finding that gown.

Boutique Narelle hasn't done a formal/prom/wedding dress promotion for a while, so in the Spring I went in search of up-to-date gorgeous gowns to usher modest ladies toward their glamour moment.

Our new discovery was Margene's Bridal, which Boutique Narelle explores here: Best Modest Bridal & Formal, Part 1.
I remember when I first discovered the prom sections of these Latter Day Saints modest fashion stores:
I was speechless with awe and delight. I experienced this all over again as I explored Margene's Bridal. I could easily say (once my speech faculties returned) that the modest gowns from Margene's Bridal are stunningly beautiful with nothing to detract (or distract) from their sweetness.
You can find more modest and beautiful gowns at these LDS stores:
*See comment at end of post.

That being said, if you're Downunder as I am, you may yet feel frustration, because the featured stores in this post are located in the USA. Both the above stores ship internationally (a refreshing option to find at an American store), but I suggest you use this currency calculator [click here] to help you figure out whether it's worth it.

I took a hopeful spin through and was utterly disappointed. Two to three years ago this Australian designer offered several fabulous, modest designs, but no longer. Every single design in their current catalogue is seriously (dangerously!) strapless.

Most of us don't have the cash to buy a designer gown for our special event. Boutique Narelle suggests that you browse the Formal and Bridal sections on the "Labels" section of the sidebar to find helpful tips on how to find a dress that's adorable and modest.

A number of these BN posts feature gowns and links from Modest By Design which is now closed . These links will still allow you to windowshop for inspiration, but their front door won't open. Designer images courtesy of deceased stores are still useful, however, serving as inspiration for you and your seamstress.
Once upon a time at Modest By Design

Learning of the sad demise of Modest By Design spurred me to check the other links we've recommended here since Boutique Narelle opened four years ago. There have been quite a few shop deaths. I'm happy to report that the following stores and designers are still swishing with a few modest options.
Most of the modest options at David's Bridal are jacket dresses (an utterly charming range that I would feature here except that this post is long enough). The store also offers a Personalize Your Look sleeves/coverage option for adapting standard dress designs.

Venus Bridal offers Temple Bridal and Temple Maids, available only in the USA, and associated brand, a catalogue which can be ordered through bridal stores anywhere in the world.

Venus Bridal's Temple collections offer the greatest variety of necklines of any of the modest formal stores BN has seen, but just one sleeve style.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Best Modest Bridal & Formal, Part 1

Pretty dresses make me smile. How about you?

Early in the Spring, I started work on updating Boutique Narelle's wedding/formal promotions. Blissfully have I wallowed in images of gorgeous fabrics and dainty trims.

Are you ready to wallow? Come with me to the amazing
Margene's Bridal, an American store with two outlets in the state of Idaho.

Not every bride has the luxury of 6-12 months to plan her wedding and shop for the perfect details (personally I'm in favour of short engagements), so do you know what colours and styles allow you to look your best? When the bridegroom comes, you want to be ready. Knowing where to get a modest wedding gown or how to make one will be significantly helpful!

I don't expect to be a bride any time soon, but I do know of other occasions when an elegant gown might be required. When I browse formal fashion websites, I love studying the styles and accent details of the prom gowns, and I tend to be distracted by vibrant colours, but I'm learning, from my prowls, to be more discerning in what will work for me. This will simplify future shopping/sewing experiences.


BN's Top Shopping Tips for Formal Occasions

  1. Know what suits your figure and complexion.
  2. Know what you want. Impulse buys are rarely successful.
  3. Know what your modesty standard is and don't compromise.
  4. Know your budget, but don't view this as limiting.
Allow yourself to be creative in finding ways to stick to your budget. 'Good old Kiwi ingenuity' is the think-outside-the-square factor in my heritage that has taught me to say, "Now how else could we achieve this?"

Next week we'll explore how else you might achieve your goal of a modest and gorgeous gown.

Yay! More wallowing!

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