Friday, December 26, 2008

Teach Your Daughter True Beauty, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 which exhorts fathers to combat society's lies about beauty and teach their daughters the truth.
By Ryan Malone September 2008 edition of Trumpet »

Girls, this article may have been written to fathers, but we can benefit equally from the beauty truths and tips expressed here. My prayer is that you will discover the Royal Princess the Almighty designed you to be. Ed.

A Facelift for Free

God’s Word also has a lot to say about hairstyles, jewelry, cosmetics and clothing. Isaiah 3:16 shows that the end-time decline of our nations is directly tied to the improper values in women’s appearance—the power they try to exert through their beauty—whether in applying cosmetics or in walking seductively. The rest of that chapter says God will strip them of their beauty and ornaments. This society, preoccupied with its warped sense of beauty, is about to be destroyed.

What our daughters need most of all is real, LASTING spiritual beauty. You can help give that to your daughter. Ecclesiastes 8:1 says “wisdom maketh [the] face to shine.” Teach her the truth about eternal, inward beauty and that will cause her face to shine more than all those who spend thousands of dollars a year in keeping their face “lifted.”

The Apostle Peter, using jewelry metaphors, exhorts Christian women to focus their adorning on the “hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price” (1 Peter 3:4). He also points to the outwardly beautiful Sarah, wife of Abraham, to teach where her real beauty lay: Her trust in God and His government gave her the most beautiful adorning any woman could desire (verses 5-6). This is the fundamental lesson in spiritual comeliness.

In 1 Timothy 2:9, the Apostle Paul addresses physical fashion, telling Christian women to “adorn themselves in modest [well-arranged] apparel.” Then the rest of the verse shows how true beauty comes from godly humility and the development of the mind in understanding God’s Word. If our daughters seek that, they will one day possess eternal beauty—with a radiant face, shimmering hair and dazzling eyes. God’s Word promises that!

Help Her Stand Out in Society

How can we help our daughters radiate the genuine happiness that enhances their beauty? Much of that comes from the happiness and encouragement WE GIVE THEM. They look to us fathers for that support; they need us to let them know what we find admirable about them. If we show them the proper kind of love and attention, they will feel adored, protected and truly beautiful. A daughter who is not cared for by her father will either feel she is not worthy of a man’s love or will seek that attention and care in misguided, damaging ways.

With all this in place, you can then help her understand what makes her beautiful physically. Teach her that the majority of her outward beauty rests in her face—in her eyes and smile. Also teach her—with the aid of her mother if she is in the picture—that good hygiene and proper health often does more for the appearance than clothing. Exercise can aid in appropriate muscle tone and healthy skin.

Also encourage her to develop feminine mannerisms. Helen Andelin, in her book Fascinating Womanhood, states, “There are thousands of rather plain women with irregular features and faulty builds who succeed in being attractive to men because they are models of femininity. On the other hand, there are thousands of other women who have beautiful faces and features but who, because of woodenness, or masculinity of manner, never impress men as being especially attractive. When a woman is tender, soft, fun-loving, lovable, and also innocent and pure, who stops to inquire if she has beauty in the classical sense? [T]o most men she seems a paragon of femininity. To them she is beautiful!”

Teach your daughter about these attributes of lasting spiritual beauty. Love and adore her; set the example of possessing positive energy. And if she stands out a little in this ugly world, then let it be for the RADIANT BEAUTY that God is creating in her and for being the royal princess that she is! •

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Teach Your Daughter True Beauty, Part 1

Fathers! You may not realize how important physical beauty is to your daughter. Here’s how you can combat society’s lies about beauty and teach your daughter the truth!
By Ryan Malone September 2008 edition of Trumpet »

The pressure on a young girl to be pretty is one of the greatest weights on the female mind—especially in the Western world.

In his 2001 book "Bringing Up Boys", Dr. James Dobson tells a story that all parents of girls should heed. When Western television penetrated the islands of the South Pacific for the first time, it “projected images of gorgeous, very thin actresses who starred on Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, and other teen-oriented shows. Four years later, a survey of 65 Fijian girls revealed how their attitudes had been shaped (or warped) by what they had seen. Almost immediately, the girls began to dress and try to fix their hair like Western women.” Officials, he reported, saw “serious changes in eating habits among … adolescents. Those who watched tv three times per week or more were 50 percent more likely to perceive themselves as ‘too big’ or ‘too fat’ than those who did not. More than 62 percent had attempted to diet in the previous 30 days.”

The pressure to be pretty is a monstrous thing. Add to that how society defines pretty, and it can be perilous. It can produce in our daughters a dangerous cocktail of vanity, materialism, health problems and a host of character flaws.

Do our young girls have any hope to escape the rank deception that comes their way about their physical appearance? How can the false images popular culture relentlessly thrusts on them be combatted?

The answer lies in the home, with the parents—particularly the FATHER!

Make Your Daughter Beautiful

Fathers: You have a special role as the first male authority in your daughter’s life to ensure that she not only feels beautiful but that she also knows what true beauty is!

How can we make our daughters beautiful in a godly way? The answer lies in understanding how God adorned the first woman.

When God clothed Adam and Eve in animal skins (see Genesis 3:20-21), the Hebrew for clothed means to don with apparel or raiment—namely outer garments. It implies adding attractiveness rather than hiding shamefulness” (Herbert W. Armstrong, "The Missing Dimension in Sex"—request a free copy). Being clothed with raiment can make your daughters prettier. Yet, this Satan-dominated society often wants to define “pretty” by how much skin you show. Of course, different contexts (and even cultures) allow for different coverings.

If you want your daughters to be beautiful, adorn them (and teach them how to adorn themselves) God’s way. Teach them that modest apparel makes them more beautiful. It is ugliness to be immodest, which can arouse lust in a man and lead to more ugliness.

What’s more, the main seat of physical beauty for the female is not in the body or the clothing. It is in the FACE.

How Supermodels Make Themselves Ugly

Dale Carnegie, in "How to Win Friends and Influence People", relates a story about a dinner party he attended. “One of the guests, a woman who had inherited money, was eager to make a pleasing impression on everyone. She had squandered a modest fortune on sables, diamonds and pearls. But she hadn’t done anything whatever about her face. It radiated sourness and selfishness. She didn’t realize what every man knows: namely, that the expression a woman wears on her face is far more important than the clothes she wears on her back.”

Yes, every man—every FATHER—knows that. How often do you remind your daughter that the most beautiful thing about her is her SMILE? Yet how many “beautiful” women grace magazine covers with sour looks on their faces? It’s meant to be seductive or sexy, but as a man and father, I’m troubled by it. Not only is it intimidating, it’s not nearly as pretty. Teach your daughter that she exudes beauty when she has a POSITIVE attitude and expression on her face.

Mr. Armstrong wrote, concerning sex appeal, that it “is somewhere between 95 percent and 99 percent what one sees from the neck up! It is, mostly, what one sees in the face of the other which exerts the appeal” (op. cit.).

But our deceived society and its fashion designers seem to think that beauty is 95 to 99 percent from the neck DOWN. Modern fashion wants to show as much cleavage as possible, or as much of the top of the rear end as possible, or when swimming, to show as much of the gluteus maximus as possible. Yes, God designed those areas to be beautiful in a marital relationship. But ask your daughter: Does she want to be a mere OBJECT? Or would she rather attain beauty the way God intended it to be done—by living a happy life that SHINES through the face and then adorning the rest of her body modestly in a way that highlights her figure but doesn’t draw undue attention to it over her character, mind, sparkle, energy and smile?

God is not AGAINST outward beauty, but He also says it IS VAIN: It won’t last but a few years—it’s merely a TYPE of the spiritual beauty God wants to praise us for. Still, God made sure Eve was physically appealing to her husband. God’s Word describes women like Sarah, Rebecca and Esther as outwardly beautiful.

Continued next week with:
A Facelift for Free
Help Her Stand Out in Society
Go to Part 2.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Christmas Sales

Stores are making a big effort to attract buyers with continuous pre-Christmas discounts, and almost every US store I've looked at is offering free shipping within the US. Here are a few recommendations.

April Cornell
20% off everything + free shipping

They have a section labelled 50-65% discounts which has some gorgeous things at exciting prices, but do check for a nasty sign that waits until the bottom of the page to say, "Sorry, Sold Out!" These two velvet pieces (below) got me on the roller coaster -- up with delight, down with disappointment. I liked them so much I had to share the pictures. Maybe they will inspire you to make one.

This Alabama Ladies Skirt and Jacket (below) is from the current collection.

Up to 65% discount...

...and this link takes you to their Clearance Bin where all items are priced US$19.99 or less. This includes boots, blazers, cozy sweaters, wool or denim skirts, and a range of swishy summer skirts and dresses.

New Creation Apparel
Up to 40% off items in their sales bin

Sale items here. This includes the famous Tznius wrap skirt in a new formal style (see below).

This shimmery skirt is perfect for any formal occasion, holiday or weekend gathering. Tznius wrap skirts are famous for their slimming effect and for their comfort. Available in a large selection of colors. 1 meter in length (40 inches). One size fits most (fits sizes 4-16). Reg. Price: $39.99. Sale Price: $21.95


Tall By Design
10% off everything

Plus a super-special:Jade short sleeved shirt
Everyone needs a gorgeous shirt for summer. A more proportioned fit through the body for us taller girls. Lovely stretch cotton fabric. Be quick, these won't last! Was $129, now $50.00! Fabric: Cotton 98% Lycra 2%


Soft Linen Hat
6 colours
Was $9.99, now $7.99

Spot or Stripe Sarong in assorted colours
Was $9.99, now $7.99

Victoria Hill
Selected from the sale bin:
Hail Spot Skirt, 100% cotton, was $79.95, now $59.95. 2 colours.

Weekend Panelled Linen Skirt
Just the thing for your next tea party, this lovely linen skirt is all elegance and no crease!!! Flattering tailoring delivers a great fit for any figure. 55% Linen, 45% Lyocell, in 2 colours. Was $59.95, now $39.95

The Linen Embroidered Jacket Shirt, featured here on Boutique Narelle, was $69.95, now $59.95.

AUSTRALIA, see above for details.

Up to 20% discount on a range of tops. View catalogue here.
Sizes 16 and up

Friday, December 5, 2008

Little Girl Dresses, Part 3

Have you been wondering who is the little girl who's been gracing the title banner in this series? Her name is Olivia and she is the cousin of Robyn, a young lady in the USA who with the help of her mother has been doing some photography for Boutique Narelle. Thanks, Ladies!

Olivia's mother purchased her outfit from B.T. Kids Clothing. The patchwork pieced skirt is a great way to use up small scraps of fabric left from other projects. The cost will be small and the cuteness factor big! Remember to click on the images to enlarge the detail.

Little details like the embroidery on the blouse do take time, and in stores like April Cornell, it's what you pay for. Purchasing iron-on motifs is one quick way to add the extra touch.

If you have a sewing machine that embroiders, secure fusible interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric, and stitch away!

Search Google for "free embroidery pattern" and you'll find loads of ideas. A quick web-browse found the following. If you have a favourite, send us the link!



This little girl, just learning how to stand on her own pins, looked so adorable in her wee dress that I wanted to cuddle her. Mum suggested I might find that difficult seeing as I was the little girl.

Here's someone I did get to cuddle last week -- my 1-year-old niece Darina wearing a frock Nana whipped up for her one weekend. (Phew! - its hard to get a clear shot of a busy toddler!) The 3 purchased bows were a quick and easy accessory that perfected its sweetness. The dress has pleats across the chest, zipper at the back, and a tuck in the skirt which can be let down when Darina gets taller. She's wear a pink t-shirt underneath.

Here's the same floral cotton used as a ruffle on a denim skirt. The denim is a tube with a casing at the top for elastic. There is a patch pocket for putting pegs and other small treasures in. The ruffle is 1.5x the circumference of the denim tube. Both edges of the ruffle were hemmed, then the top edge was gathered and top stitched to the denim.

After my brother's wedding, Mum gathered up the ribbon off his wedding cake and brought it home. I stowed it in a safe place and, when his wife became pregnant with their first child, I had an idea which seemed hopelessly romantic but rather delicious. I would make a dress for their first daughter, decorated with the ribbon from their wedding cake.

This is that dress, but it was 5 years in the making because they started their family with two boys. Most extraordinarily, their little girl was born on their wedding anniversary, making the romance of my gift complete. At least, so _I_ thought. I crocheted a matching hairband, and used the remaining wedding ribbon on the card.

Have we inspired you to create something? You'll never find a wearer who enhances your creation more than a Little Girl will.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Board Shorts

Ezibuy offers these knee-length Boardies for the amazing price of NZ$24.95.

This shorter version (below) shows the front fastening. Secured with dome and zip closure, there's not the fuss and frustration that comes with lacing ties. Available in 4 colours. or

Have you noticed that pool chemicals eat your togs? Have you checked the state of last year's swim gear? It's very likely you'll need to replace them before you can jump into the water this season. Don't leave your purchase until the really hot weather arrives. Stores like Ezibuy sell out of swimwear well before we're sweltering, so grab what you need now.

If you're struggling to find swimwear options, have a look at the extensive research featured on Boutique Narelle last summer. Go to the Swimwear label on the right-hand side bar, or type 'swimwear' in the search engine in the top left-hand corner.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Little Girl Dresses, Part 2

In Part 2 of our Little Girl Dresses feature, we introduce Jessica Wye.

Jessica loves to sew clothes for little girls. I first met her in the middle of Spotlight on a fabric hunt for kiddie clothes. The garments featured in this post were made as gifts. She hasn't tried to sell any yet but is keen to do so. Her business card is included below.

She says, "Most of the baby clothes were made from Butterick, Simplicity and Burda patterns, most using only 1 metre of fabric."

"The lime green dress with strawberries is my favourite, made from broderie anglaise, and the pink pantaloons and hat brim were made from poplin. I use poplin a lot for solid colours in baby clothes because it feels good against the skin and is very cheap to buy, often only NZ$3.99 a metre at Spotlight. The two smocked baby dresses were made using patterns from an Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazine."

A small piece of pretty fabric can be readily crafted into something cute, but see what happens when you add the extras...

Smocked's not as tricky as it looks.

Add ribbons and lace...

Add contrasting fabric...

Put it all together...

Yellow polycotton gingham and heavy weight navy cotton, both purchased on sale at Spotlight. Made for a 6-year-old, smocked bodice, can be worn with or without the blouse.

Party dress to fit 10-12 year old. Fabric found at a secondhand shop for only a couple of dollars! Jessica added a thick band of ribbon around the hem and matched it with a thinner ribbon bow on the front.

When I asked Jessica what started her sewing, she replied:

"It was because I couldn't find many feminine and modest clothes around that I liked. Blenheim is very limited in clothing shops and it is often hard to find clothes I could afford too. It was also just the fun of being able to make my own clothes.

"At first I made simple skirts then moved on to dresses and blouses, I was able to make nice clothes for my sister too. A friend of mine who is an expert seamstress helped me learn the basics and I went from there."

"I learned the most when I decided to have a Regency 21st birthday and bought patterns from Sense and Sensibility Patterns. I learned about proper fitting, having to get the bodice just right. I bought my own sewing machine before I knew how to sew, as I intended to learn. It sat unused for about a year until I caught the sewing bug, since then I have updated to a better machine and have purchased an overlocker too. The Victorian dress was my first attempt at taking bits and pieces from several patterns plus making my own skirt and train pattern and putting them together. Other girls I know are experts at this but for me its hard not working from a complete pattern, it took over a week from beginning to end."

And she thinks taking a week on a project is a long time. Phew. I take that long when I AM following a pattern!

Jessica plans to make more dresses with smocking embroidery on the bodice, and has kindly provided images of future projects. I hope they inspire you as they've inspired Jessica and I. Smocking magazines can be purchased at most magazine shops, or you can buy them online from Each issue costs NZ$15.50, but Jessica says it's worth it since you get a pattern for every garment featured.

Friday, November 14, 2008

SALE at Kosher Clothing


Kosher Clothing was established in 2008 by Rita Bailey of Brooklyn, New York. Rita founded the company with the purpose of catering to women who make a conscious decision to dress modestly yet stylishly, but still want a certain touch of flare.
With several years of excellent working experience as a retail consultant for one of the leading retailers in the modest clothing sector, Rita has established her reputation with her caring demeanor, keen eye, and natural fashion sense in helping each individual find the right style and fit.
With this rich history of matching the right clothes to the right women, Rita set out on her own to create this online boutique to cater to a fashion-conscious, modest-minded, modern clientele. Offering a revolving selection that is both high-end yet practical, Kosher Clothing is committed to bringing stylish options to the modestly dressed woman.

This week Rita is running a 1 WEEK NOVEMBER BLOWOUT SALE! Shop online at now through to Tuesday, November 18th and save up to 30%!

Don't forget to have a browse through their accessories department, which offers some very lovely items, such as this jeweled barrette below. Even if you don't purchase from there, you may find inspiration for your ideas portfolio.
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