Friday, May 23, 2008

When Skirts are Too Cold, Part I

When chill airs and wintry winds get close and friendly, is it possible to wear skirts and be cosy? I've heard many say it isn't, but I know otherwise.

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How to be warm in a skirt:

  1. Wear layers underneath. Undercover solutions discussed below.
  1. Line the skirt. Illustrated directions on how to do this coming soon.
  1. Wear boots.

Introducing Damart

The heart of the Damart story is a unique fabric called Thermolactyl, which provides lightweight insulation against the worst of weathers. A classy, modern 'long-john' provider, the company is very sport oriented, with a number of sponsorship affiliations, keeping fit young sportsmen warm during the the winter and helping prevent muscle injuries.

The ability of Damart underclothes to provide the best thermal environment whilst still keeping the body dry and able to function normally has meant that Damart has travelled successfully to all corners of the earth and up some of its highest mountains.

But what does this have to do with attractive, feminine modesty?

It's not only the old who feel the cold. Lightweight but wonderfully cosy, a thermal under-layer makes a world of difference to what you can do (or wear) when it's cold! For instance, you can comfortably wear that pretty dress or blouse considered more appropriate to autumn than winter. Long-johns under trousers prevent the frozen thigh syndrome that frigid winds invite so readily. They form a happy temperature arbitration when sitting on cold stone steps.

Notice the different Thermolactyl grades.

The undercover range is dainty and colourful, but there's also a delightful range of outer clothing, some of it incorporating the famous Thermolactyl or a new blend of Thermolactyl and silk. Damart supplies a wide range of sizes and colours, and comfortable shop-from-home features. I have noticed that the website takes a while to display the latest catalogues, so if you want up-to-date product and sales information, go for the mailed version rather than the website.

Browse Damart here:
Damart New Zealand
Damart Australia

Overseas outlets include:

If you prefer to see before you buy, use the website's Store Finder feature.

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