Our Mission

Boutique Narelle is a beauty solutions platform with two-fold purpose.

It is fashion journalism for women who want to live modestly, love femininity, and lead their heart toward true beauty. We seek to inspire radiant grace in each woman and confidence in her Designer-uniqueness, and provide solutions for her what-to-wear problems.

As developer of the innovative Modesty Mall tool, BN’s goal is also to strengthen the modesty industry by connecting consumers with modest beauty service providers, and to develop technology that makes it easier for women anywhere in the world to access suitable clothing, beauty, and inspirational resources and participate in community of like-minded women.

Currently, Boutique Narelle provides you with
  • store recommendations
  • discount coupons
  • shopping tips
  • closet and styling tips
  • personal care advice
  • sewing tips
  • resource promotions
  • lots of quality, wholesome fashion photos for you to browse
  • and inspiration and encouragement for living modestly, loving femininity, and leading your heart toward true beauty.
Narelle has commenced work with a digital media platform which will make it easier for women at home to connect, collaborate, and disciple other women, and earn an income while participating in an ecosystem focused on the needs of women.

That's good news for current and wanna-be modesty service providers (from clothing stores to beauty consultants to fashion bloggers) and modest women of influence, and for all of us who benefit from their service and example, where ever we are in the world. Your prayers would be appreciated as we labour to bring the concept to life.
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