Monday, December 8, 2014

Covertogs: Modest Swimwear Online in New Zealand

Have you heard about Covertogs?

Covertogs swimwear started because owner/designer Karen couldn't find swimwear that she could get excited about. It was too skimpy or too frumpy, hard to get into and out of, and uncomfortable for day-long wear. Covertogs are her well-tested solution. It's a family-run business, with mum, daughters, and niece all involved in production and management.

The mix-and-match brand offers zip-front tops with three sleeve length options (cap, short, and below-elbow). The high-waisted leggings have two leg lengths (short or below-knee). They come in a range of colourful prints (on basic black) styled for a subtle slimming effect, and include XL sizes.

If you want active-wear that gives you
  • coverage,
  • comfort, and
  • a sense of modern style,
then maybe covertogs are for you.

Modest swimwear shopping options have come and gone in New Zealand since I started blogging here at Boutique Narelle seven years ago. I'm always sad to see them go, but I understand that our small population makes it difficult to support niche markets. I get excited when I discover another modest swimwear shopping option anywhere in the world, but especially when it's located in my own country.

If you hate having to pay the big shipping price from overseas modest swimwear sources, or you're keen to support Kiwi-made products, get your get-wet exercise-wear now at

Here's to more modest swimwear choices and greater demand for them all over the world!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Free Similcast: Leslie Ludy on True Purity and True Beauty

I'm delighted to announce a FREE SIMILCAST with bestselling author Leslie Ludy on 21 November 2014, 6-9pm MST. (That's Saturday, 2-5pm NZ time.)

Here's a sneak peek at what Leslie will be sharing.

SESSION ONE: true purity

In a generation of Christian young women who grew up with promise rings and abstinence pledges, why do purity commitments so often fail? In this powerful and inspiring session, Leslie will explore three key principles that mark the difference between true purity and counterfeit purity. You’ll gain a beautiful and practical vision for being set-apart in romance and relationships, experience restoration from past mistakes, and develop a Christ-enabled lifestyle of honor, faithfulness, and true purity.

SESSION TWO: true beauty

In today’s world, it’s all too easy to give lip-service to Christ while still living a self-centered existence. In this session, Leslie explores the difference between fitting Christ into your life and truly building your life around Him. You’ll discover the beauty, life, joy, and loveliness of Christ-centered femininity and learn what it means to be consecrated to Him in every aspect of your daily life.

Click here to tune in, and for more information about Set Apart Girl:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Style Transformation: how to simplify your life using the ten-item wardrobe

One of the very strange side effects of having too many clothes is that we still have nothing to wear!

We are operating under the misconception that the more clothes you have the easier it is to get ready in the morning, when actually the opposite is true. The less clothes you have, the less choice you have, the more thought and organization you put behind your wardrobe, the easier it is to get ready in the morning.

So how simple can you get?

Jennifer discovered the ten-item wardrobe concept while living in Paris with Madame Chic and her family. In this 13-minute TED talk she shares her endearing story, tips on how you can make a ten-item wardrobe work for you, and why living with fewer clothes can not only improve your style, but change your life.

Jennifer L. Scott is the internationally bestselling author of Lessons from Madame Chic and At Home with Madame Chic (Simon & Schuster) and creator of the blog The Daily Connoisseur. She is a contributing writer for Huffington Post Style and has been featured on CNN, BBC, and CBS News, and in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, USA Today, Newsweek, and The Daily Mail. She lives with her family in Santa Monica, California. To learn more, visit

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Modest Clothing: try on and buy at NZ event

The following modest clothing and footwear items are available for sale in New Zealand.

  • Autumn Glow silk shantung long dress, size 12, & separate hand-beaded & embroidered oriental tie belt
  • Garden Party floral print navy polyester long shirt-dress with matching nylon chemise, size 10
  • Safari Gold knit t-shirt with woven collar, embroidery, and modesty panel, size 10
  • Exclusive model designer Crushable Picture Hat in Timeless Wedgewood, 57cm interior band
  • 3 pairs sparkling, suede-soled dance shoes, sizes 38 and 39
  • 1 pair Diana Ferrari white leather loafer shoes with tan sole/heel, size 7 (38)

If you care to try them on, I (Narelle Worboys) will have them with me at the English Country Dance at the Reformed Church in Palmerston North on Saturday evening, 11th October. Come find me or my mother in the dressing room.

Below are more details about these items.

Understated style featuring crisp, top-stitched pleats, this lightweight, luscious dress can be worn to regular events such as church or a family dinner date, or fancied up for a more formal occasion.

Demonstrating careful attention to detail, this hand-made dress is lined and the pleats have been permanently pressed.

The sleeves come unadorned. You may wish to retain the simplicity of the dress without accents, or add a little more detail and shape, for which purpose I’ve included a complimentary set of buttons (black with gold rim), separately packed. The photos demonstrate two ways you could use them on the sleeves.

Note: See belt details below. Other accessories not for sale.


This fabulous tie belt (or obi) was hand-made in India. Densely worked in gold thread and studded with faux-amethyst beads in a pattern of flowers and leaves that form a rich oriental tapestry, the belt is capped at each end with a dual-toned fringed cord so you can tie it at your waist. Perfect for turning a simple gown into a stunning outfit.


While much of the fashion world is devoting itself to a flurry of super-short dresses, it's hard to find an ankle-length anything that also covers up top. We certainly give you the long option here.

This floral print polyester shirtdress is so easy to wear. With lots of dainty buttons all the way down the front preventing the placket gaping, back ties giving you the perfect fit, and a matching nylon chemise for modesty, you can wear this summery dress every day or add accessories and you’ve got an outfit suitable for a garden party.

It''s a classic that allows you the leeway to express yourself in modern or vintage styling.


Take the adventurous route with a cheery, stylish twist on the sporty collared tee, perfect for action and practical comfort.

Need a sporty tee that’s classier than a t-shirt? This short-sleeved top has stand-out style in an understated way. Get the comfort of cotton knit with the smartness of a collar, a practical inset panel to ensure there’s no cleavage-flashing when you lean forward, add some fancy top-stitching on the front panels, and you’ve got a simple but smart modest tee you’ll love wearing. No camisole required! Easy care, easy wear, with a touch of flare.

length from shoulder seam: 580mm


I’ve been reluctant to put this lovely hat up for sale, but I just don't have occasion to wear it any longer. It was fabulous during the wedding season of my life when friends and family were marrying off left, right, and center, and often outdoors.

This exclusive model Crushable Picture Hat is a wide-brim sun hat made of rayon jacquard, textured in a floral design with a hint of koru, featuring double-cord trim at crown. In a glowing wedgewood blue reminiscent of southern summer skies, lined with fern-leaf rayon jacquard, it’s a showcase of Kiwi elegance and natural beauty.

Size: Interior band 570mm | Crown depth: 84mm | Brim width: 138mm | Accessories included

The hat is comfortable, stylish, adaptable, and unique, a Boutique Narelle original designer creation. The crushable brim is wired, meaning you can shape it to get the look you want. Wear the organza Nella Flower in your hair, pin it to the hat, or weave the contrasting organza scarf in and out of the double-cord trim.

I wonder who will be the lady blessed to enjoy its company from now on...?

PST! There's still a length* of Timeless Wedgewood fabric for sale if you'd like to create a whole outfit.
*100% rayon jacquard with fern leaf print, 2.84meters (1390mm wide) of uncut fabric.

View more details about these stunning evening shoes in No More Sore of Silly Feet: How I Turned My Shoe Blues in Happy Feet.


Diana Ferrari ‘supersoft’ ladies white leather loafer shoes with a trans-seasonal silhouette

100% leather upper | heel elevation 20mm | pre-loved, lightly worn
tub of white Tana Weather Guard included

Diana Ferrari is an iconic Australian brand for women who like to be stylish, contemporary, and feminine.

For instructions on how to figure out your shoe size, see No More Sore of Silly Feet: How I Turned My Shoe Blues in HappyFeet.

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