Sunday, May 28, 2023

Modern Modest Elegance Goes to an Arabian Nights Party


This evening I had the privilege of attending a party in a stunningly beautiful setting. The birthday girl is a skilled decorator. Look what she created for her Arabian Nights theme. 🤩

I didn't have much time to come up with a costume for the occasion. I went with a refit of a #BoutiqueNarelle bridesmaid dress (what a good thing I put some flexi in those seams!), and the simple strategy of 👑Princess Up👑.

It's remarkable that the rose fascinator matches the dress so well, because I created it long before my sister's wedding was in sight. I was delighted to get a chance to wear "la belle fleur" tonight. It's one of my favourite fabric flowers, inspired by a rose in my grandmother's garden which I've never seen anywhere since. 

I was in my early teens when Grandma moved in next-door and planted dozens of rose bushes. As I was walking along her garden path one day, this enormous lemon bloom caught my awed attention, and I moved in for a sniff and a closer look. I've never forgotten it. Maybe one day I'll find out what its name was.

I hope you've found something beautiful and inspiring here today.

Fiat lux!





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