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True Beauty - how do you rate?

Here is a quiz to help you personalize the two December posts titled "Teach Your Daughter True Beauty", from an article by Ryan Malone. Consider hosting a girls' study group or a father and daughter picnic, read "Teach Your Daughter True Beauty" aloud, then go through the questionnaire together. I'm sure you'll find it a great blessing.

Images in this post are of the 2005 Father & Daughter Retreat at the Callaway Gardens in Georgia, courtesy of Doug Phillip's Blog). Click on the image above to find out more about this year's retreat.

SECTION 1: The Pressure

How often do you worry if you look pretty or not?
a. Always
b. Often
c. Sometimes
d. Seldom
e. Never

Four years after Western television penetrated the islands of the South Pacific for the first time, what are 4 things a survey of Fijian girls revealed?
1. Almost immediately they began to dress and fix their hair like Western women.
2. There were serious changes in eating habits among adolescents.
3. Those who watched TV 3 times per week or more were 50 percent more likely to perceive themselves as 'too big' or 'too fat' than those who did not.
4. More than 62 percent had attempted to diet in the previous 30 days.

To whom do you look most often as a guide for your appearance?

Is the desire to be pretty a pressure that effects your life? In what ways does it effect you?

SECTION 2: Make Your Daughter Beautiful

In Genesis 3:20-21, the Hebrew for "clothed" implies which of these?
a. Adding attractiveness
b. Hiding shamefulness

How can fathers help their daughters to be beautiful?
Adorn them (and teach them how to adorn themselves) God's way.

The main seat of physical beauty for the female is in the...
a. Body
b. Clothing
c. Face

SECTION 3: How Supermodels Make Themselves Ugly

How do supermodels make themselves ugly?
They wear sour/selfish/seductive expressions. They forget to smile.

A girl exudes true beauty when she has...
a. A negative attitude and expression on her face.
b. A positive attitude and expression on her face.

According to Herbert W. Armstrong, what percentage of sex appeal is what one sees from the neck up?
a. 5%
b. 20%
c. 50%
d. 95%

Is God against outward beauty?

What does God say about outward beauty?
It is vain. It will only last a few years.

Name 3 beautiful righteous women in the Bible.

SECTION 4: A Facelift for Free

How is the decline of our nations directly tied to women? (Isaiah chapter 3)
Through the improper values in women's appearance.

What does Ecclesiastes 8:1 say makes the face to shine?

I Peter chapter 3 shows us the real beauty of the legendary Sarah, wife of Abraham, lay where?
In her trust in God and His government.

SECTION 5: Help Her Stand Out in Society

What are some ways a father can set an example to his daughter and help her radiate the genuine happiness that enhances her beauty?
1. Give her support and encouragement.
2. Show proper love and attention. Love and adore her.
3. Show her she is worthy of his love, attention, and care.
4. Teach her about the attributes of lasting spiritual beauty.
5. Teach her that the majority of her outward beauty rests in her face, in her eyes and smile.
6. Teach her (with the aid of her mother) that good hygiene and proper health often do more for the appearance than clothing.
7. Encourage her to develope feminine mannerisms.

There are thousands of rather plain women with irregular features and faulty builds who succeed in being attractive to men because they...
a. Have superior intellect
b. Are strong and fit and can keep up with the men
c. Never get emotional
d. Are models of femininity

What are some expressions of femininity that men find attractive?

If a girl stands out a little in this ugly world, it should be for what?
The radiant beauty that God is creating in her and for being the royal princess that she is.


PONDER upon what attitudes you need to change.
Ask God for POWER to change.
PRACTICE the new attitudes.
PRAY for your father/daughter.

Answers to the above questionnaire are found in the Boutique Narelle post, "Teach Your Daughter True Beauty", parts 1 and 2.

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