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2 Keys for How to Travel Light and Be Prepared for Every Situation

TRAVEL TIPS for modest women
Modest ladies experience a higher luggage-to-person ratio than most modern women because modest garments use more fabric than many clothing designers consider necessary. Undaunted, we study to acquire packing skills that allow us to travel lighter.

How to travel light and be prepared for every situation

I suspect I may be modest Queen of Being Prepared, an attitude normally in antipathy of standard luggage allowances, but I’ve learned a few things that have helped me be prepared for every eventuality and lighten my luggage.

The two keys to maximize your luggage space and give you more freedom in closet choice are FORETHOUGHT and FLEXIBILITY.

  1. Find out what the demands of climate and environs will be.
  2. Plan ahead for these situations. A) Assess key garments on the basis of functionality. If you don’t have suitable basic items, buy or sew garments that will meet all the situation requirements. B) Base your outfit choices on being able to add layers during cooler weather and remove layers during warmer weather.
  3. Inquire about laundering options. If you’ll have access to a sink, a wet area to drip-dry garments, and the time to wash and dry them, you can take less clothing changes (but don’t forget to organize hangers and hooks or clothes line).
  4. Consider whether you need to take an item with you or you can buy or borrow it when you get there.
  5. Buy small versions of personal care items, or downsize your containers to mini ones with enough product for your needs for the duration of your trip.

  1. Identify all situations you can expect to encounter, and choose garments and accessories that will mix-and-match and adapt to different climate situations and activities.
  2. Train yourself to be flexible in the way you live. For instance, use a smaller towel, style your hair simpler, wear clothing without ironing and for longer periods between laundering, or use the same fleece for cold nights in bed that you wear as a jacket during the day.
Forethought and Flexibility are your best travel mates!

Bon Voyage!

How has this list helped you? Do you have any travel tips you’d like to share? Post a comment below.

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FabricDragon said...

i have a pin board for "clothing clusters" or the "capsule wardrobe" idea, and basically anyone traveling needs to work from that basis (just different choices for those of us more modest dress folks)

i always suggest a review of what level of clothing you need (work? party? dinner theater? walking?) and then take mix and match basics in a neutral with one or two pops of color.

basic neutral long skirt, suitable for dinner out with a formal top, or walking around with a casual top... a neutral and a bright color layering t shirt or chemise... a jacket, a cardigan, and a pair of pants or different skirt... and you are pretty much good to go