Friday, July 22, 2011

2 Simple Steps to Find a Modest Fashion Bargain

Are you a modest lady with a tight grip on your purse looking for low cost but good quality clothing that actually covers you?

I know how that feels. For months I've been working hard to solve my own drastic wardrobe situation (I had just one winter-weight skirt!).

Clothes wear out faster than most people can make them, so my best tip at this time is to get yourself on the e-mailing list of your favourite stores. They're doing their utmost to get people to buy, offering huge and frequent discounts to loyal customers.

How do you know which shops provide the kind of clothing you're looking for? Use our Modesty Mall to browse your region for online stores that stock modest garments.

Add your email address to their list via their website, and all you have to do is keep an eye on your Inbox (or mail box) for sales promotions. Reductions are frequently 50% or greater. Stores like Ezibuy offer weekly discount specials, and even high end fashion stores send out 'secret mailers' to preferred customers offering up to 70% discounts for 2-4 days prior to offering what's left to the general public.

THE TWO STEPS YOU CAN TAKE NOW to get your next bargains sooner than you may think:

1. Browse for modest fashion stores using BN's Modesty Mall.
2. Subscribe to the shop's email list or catalogue mailer list.

Every dollar counts when you're trying to save money!


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