Friday, March 12, 2010

Tips for Wearing Wool Fabric

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  • Invest in a good wool garment. It will serve you for years.
  • Fine wool is naturally insulating, supporting, and resilient, offering great wearability.
  • Wool is comfortable and wrinkle-resistant; it breathes and wicks away moisture from the body.
  • Never bleach wool. Never put wool clothing in a dryer. Never use strong detergent or direct heat when pressing.
  • Best hang in a steamy shower or washroom to refresh a wool garment.

newCreation Apparel is excellent at providing detailed information about the style and fabric content of their garments and how to select the appropriate size, plus an image enlargement option. But if you're not planning on trans-oceanic shopping, take a tip: keep an eye out for wool garments or fabric in stores near you!

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