Friday, February 12, 2010

A Prince's Dream Girl

Are you internally breath-taking?
Drop-dead gorgeous on the inside?

The physical beautifying obsessions of men and women demonstrate they are not willing to grow old gracefully or fearlessly. We all grow old (27 is the scientific age which this process begins), and we all know physical beauty doesn't last. Surely, if we want a healthy investment portfolio, we will devote our energies to amassing the treasures of a beautiful heart!

She is the most acclaimed and celebrated woman of the world's all-time best selling book, the Bible. Prince Lemuel's dream girl became the millenium Ideal for others to aspire to.

"His princess was loving, faithful, diligent, financially astute, encouraging, disciplined, healthy, positive, compassionate, generous, prudent, stylish, creative, strong, dignified, wise, responsible, and humble. She loved Lemuel, but most of all, she feared God."

Is this the sort of Dream Girl you aspire to be?
What do you need to change in order for that to happen?

Thispost was inspired by Mary Simpson's book 31 Girl. Grateful acknowledgement to Hannah Harward for introducing me, and thanks to Mary for permission to quote a paragraph from the closing chapter of the book.
Ed. Note: While I consider the written content of "31 Girl" to be excellent, many of the photographic illustrations do not meet the standard of modesty this website strives to promote.

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