Thursday, June 8, 2017

Oh, the Places You'll Go...Modestly


If you've been following my Facebook lately, you'll probably have seen photos like this...

 ...and this, during the Napier Art Deco Festival... solo busking debut...
 ...and this rocky experience on New Zealand's national day, Waitangi Day.
 Outdoor delights like this, cycling with Dad...
 ...walking the gorgeous avenues at the Tree Trust in Rotorua...
...swimming in the lake with my sister (brrr! refreshing!)...
 ...and filming piano improvisational videos
(you can view the playlist here).

You may also be aware of the reason the Boutique Narelle blog hasn't been updated for a while. In November 2015, I experienced a dramatic change in my life circumstances, moved suddenly to a different city, and have been focused on adapting to my new situation and environment. I'm posting this update now because I'm about to lose access to WiFi for an indeterminate period, and there are a couple of important things I want you, visitors and faithful supporters, to know.


I've been posting regularly to Facebook, so if you want to keep in touch or see the modest fashion projects I model or create, that's the place to find me at present. My data allowance should enable me to continue with this.


If you've contacted Boutique Narelle requesting that your shop be featured in the Modesty Mall and didn't get a response, it's likely because your email was swallowed into my message system and I couldn't find it when I was available to process it. Please, when you make a request, include the following:
  1. a clickable link to your site,
  2. the regions you service,
  3. the categories you service,
  4. a short list of the type of garments you offer (view Modesty Mall for samples),
  5. and make sure you put "Modesty Mall" in your email subject line.
Thank you so much to those who have alerted me to online stores that have closed. If you discover a link in the Modesty Mall that doesn't work, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post a comment on the page letting us know.

Until the next time, be the beautiful and unique you that God created you to be with grace and confidence, living modestly, loving femininity, and leading your heart toward true beauty. You are precious, and you have value needed by those around you. Walk tall and smile from the heart.

Fiat lux!

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