Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Hattitude: stylish, feminine, and adaptable Fleece Beanie

I made something!

This weekend I started and finished a project.

And TADA! Here it is.

Are you acquainted with this two-fold joy?…the powerful delight in the act of creation, and then the urge to share that delight with someone. I wonder, is this how God felt when he introduced Eve to Adam? …No, I’m sure the ecstasy was far beyond my comprehension, for no-one in the whole wide world had made an Eve before.

My creation isn’t unique. Many others have made hats, and certainly hats in this round-top, beanie style, but I’ve never made a brimless hat before, so I think I’ll call this my Eva Hat. I based it on the free pattern from Fleece Fun*, adding a cotton knit lining, turning up the lining to create a brim, and doubling the ribbon trim to moderate the strong colour block look.

*The Fleece Fun blog and video sewing tutorials show the hat in baby size, but the pdf pattern I downloaded is in adult sizes of small, medium, and large.
The first two images show the hat worn without the threaded ribbon. The fabric flower is a purchased one, from which I pulled out the stem and hot-glued a metal crocodile clip to the back of the flower head. It’s proven to be a wonderfully flexible ornament.
I added the cotton knit lining to the hat for softness, consideration for my curly hair (which doesn’t get on well with polyester fleece), and extra warmth (New Zealand’s winter winds are piercing). It’s been so cold here that I was prompted this week to check I had a hat suitable for sleeping in. The best we had was a tight black wool beanie with a brown kiwi embroidered on the front. Not my idea of comfortable head covering.

But with Eva…yes, it’s Happy Hattitude with Eva.
Do you have a topper that brings on a Happy Hattitude for you and the people who look at you? If not, is it time you provided yourself with one?

As modest Christian women, we can joyfully pursue dressing habits that bless others and signpost our unique personality and royal position.

Fiat lux!

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