Thursday, May 2, 2019

Your Lifestyle, and Modest Clothing Choices

Your lifestyle strongly impacts the kind of clothing you wear.

Blast from a Long-Hemmed Past

Sample of my 2019 Outdoor Lifestyle

In 2015, my lifestyle changed dramatically. In the space of four months I went from being a clean, intellectual indoors lady to an grubby, active outdoors lady who needed to be able to jump on a bicycle with five minutes' notice. My clothing style had to change to accommodate this.


I didn't have any clothing budget to speak of, so I mostly adapted the dresses I had, with the addition of fabric from my stash and thrifted trousers from SaveMart. In the next few posts I will share some of the upcycled outfits I created to allow me an active outdoor lifestyle and yet still feel like a lady and be modest.


I tried very hard to find a way to stay with my ankle-length dresses, but they simply weren't safe when working with tools, moving up and down steps with my hands full, or on the bicycle available to me.

Modest Cucumber, Summer 2019

Modest Cucumber, Summer 2018

I found that ankle-fitting trousers and an A-line dress hemmed just below the knee work best for cycling. Wide-legged trousers and a shirt-dress (tunic) hemmed just above the knee work best when I'm in the garden.

Climbing a steep and slippery hillside...

 ...on a frigid day in the New Zealand bush

Another problem was that my preferred light tints couldn't elegantly sustain exposure to dirty environments. Even my dress-nicely social outing spaces weren't safe.

I remember how heartbroken I was when my ivory cashmere coat warmly embraced a large piece of chocolate cake in my sit-upon area. Not a good look for a well-groomed lady. Nothing I tried would remove the stain. Light-coloured, sensitive fabrics have been retired until my life has more clean places in it.

Touring a Medical Flight Facility

Climbing around in that small space is challenging!


I encourage you to assess your individual lifestyle and the activities you're involved with, and have the courage to make clothing choices that are best suited to your preferences AND your needs in those situations.

Don't limit your options to what everybody else wears or says is acceptable or expected. Give yourself space to adapt. (My style transition took a couple of years.) Be creative. Be you.

Fiat lux.

Explore your world!

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