Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Swimwear Rules at Public Pools

On a recent field trip, my parents took a school group to the Taupo A.C. Baths, an outdoor pool complex we have visited many times over the years. An awkward situation developped when the pool attendant called several girls over and explained the pool had a new use-less-chlorine policy which required that only basic swimsuits be worn (fabric absorbs chlorine at a hungry rate). Therefore the girls wearing board shorts and rash vests either had to remove them and swim in the small togs they had on underneath or they could not swim at all and their entrance fee would be refunded.

My mother had not seen any notice of this rule in the dressing room nor at the entrance. They had no warning and were four hours' drive from home. To miss out on the swim would have been hugely disappointing.

If you like to swim in public pools, I recommend that you phone ahead to inquire about their swimwear rules. The new options in modest swimwear may not be permitted in your local pool.

Board shorts and rash vests are commonly accepted as regular swimwear these days, but I remember a time before the invention of these useful garments when certain outdoor pools required me to remove my t-shirt, which at that stage of my youth was worn for sun protection.

Don't get caught out! Be prepared! The world doesn't think in terms of modesty and is usually taken aback and unhelpful at any mention that it is important to you, so you have to be proactive in making life comfortable.

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