Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Pardon this dropping
Of a wail of despair,
For I did go shopping
But there was nothing there
That covered and enhanced me.
Hitched to here and plunged to there,
Stretching tight most everywhere.
I like to think it's not just pink
That flatters curves and straights of mine
And proves in truth I'm feminine.
I can be pretty, I can be smart,
When I learn the ancient, gentle art
Of beauty, elegance, and charm,
A woman's strength, a woman's balm,
The Gilead river that flows supine
From the modest lassy's Christ-owned heart.
So I'll start on a separate, sweeter line,
A clothing quest for a modesty nest
To inspire, equip, and beautify.
Let's make a start to mine the Art —
Boutique Narelle has much to impart!

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