Friday, October 4, 2019

African Dress: Thrifty Tricks for Modest Sporty Women

Low-budget fashion tips to keep you stylish, safe, and covered while active outdoors

Dress Upcycling Technique #2


Modesty Challenge:

What to wear for outdoor cycling and gardening activities? I want modest garments covering me from neck to knees while allowing easy, safe movement, with expectation of getting grubby and sweaty.

Dollar Challenge:

Try not to spend money on it, because my income doesn't include a clothing budget. 🤔😬

My Solutions:


This is my Ghanaian dress, a gift from Africa, originally made with sleeves. I removed the patch pockets and sleeves, let out the massive side seam allowance and shortened the hem for ease of movement, and turned the exterior patch pocket and sleeves into an internal side pocket. Yay for dress pockets!

Learning the clothing tricks defined in this post has vastly increased the quantity of secondhand garments that are useful to me. I no longer feel so limited or frustrated by my clothing options.

Look out for more Boutique Narelle posts detailing liberating modest fashion techniques.

Fiat lux!

Swinging into Art Deco Style

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