Friday, September 6, 2019

Designed-My-Own Modest Bridesmaid Dress

The Yellow Rose

December 3rd, 2018 -- a very special occasion. My sister got married, and I was well enough to be one of her bridesmaids.

Sarah is Kiwi through and through. She married a Fijian who'd never left his native land until the day he arrived to wed my sister in Rotorua, New Zealand. Max brought to our family and to the wedding day a splendour of Fijian cultural traditions that created a vibrant richness and depth of meaning.

Mr and Mrs Tuinanuya
Sarah began designing her wedding gown four years before she married, and three years before she even met Max. She's a lady of faith, vision, and tenacity. The wedding budget was almost non-existent, but God provided in many, many ways. A friend, working from Sarah's drawings, created the dress for her as a wedding gift. Sarah made the wreath herself. In my view, she looks like an Island Princess.

Island Princess on her throne
The bride was very generous toward her bridesmaids. Her desire was that we be dressed in a colour and style that suited us individually, so she did not require matching outfits in her favourite colour. The goal was to look like roses surrounding her.

Wedding service in The Redwoods forest, Rotorua, New Zealand
Finding the fabric to materialize the concept was a huge hurdle. Between the bride and two maids, I reckon we spent five months hunting, with fabric samples being mailed up and down the country between our three cities. I eventually ordered the "daffodil" yellow satin from China (I used, and I recommend using their fabric sample option before purchasing yardage).

Bible instead of Bouquet
We bridesmaids each sewed our own dress (actually two dresses each because of the layering), which was a challenge for both of us. I paid a professional seamstress to coach me and help me with fittings.

The paid photographer of the day hasn't yet returned the photos he took, so all we have are these snaps provided by friends and family.

And a video, courtesy of my other sister, of my original "Wedding Song" I performed during the signing of the register.

 "Wedding Song" by Narelle Worboys
Click this link to view video:

Notice the lantern perched on the end of the keyboard? Handmade by the bride, that's what the bridesmaids carried instead of flowers.

I hope you've been inspired today by something modest and beautiful.

Fiat lux.


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