Sunday, May 17, 2015

Music Video Wraps in Lace: meeting the modesty challenge at short notice

That feeling when you have to produce a new outfit in a hurry, and you know your closet is going to come up short...

Something you've experienced? I spent this weekend making a musical sentiment video as a gift for a friend (think electronic greeting card but in the form of a video on youtube), and part way through the project realized I needed a "me" face for the final photo plate. Hmmm. What do I have in my Spring-oriented closet that would coordinate with the white/ivory/brown palette of the video?

A search revealed one sleeveless dress short of a top. A knit tee shirt just wasn't right for this project.

Enter creativity.

Add an hour, plus a remnant of ivory guipure lace measuring 74x106cm. Pinning and re-pinning. A stitch here and there. Voila. Dainty lace wrap to go over sleeveless dress. Pretty and modest. Closet challenge resolved!

Here's the "face plate".

And here's the finished music video.

May you meet every modesty challenge with grace and creativity.
Fiat lux!

PS If you want to make this lace wrap yourself, you'll find info-graphic instructions in this post: EASY MODESTY FIXER: how to make a lace wrap.

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