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NO MORE SORE OR SILLY FEET! How I Turned My Shoe Blues into Happy Feet

Have you ever been invited to dance but declined because you didn't have suitable shoes? Or maybe you accepted but felt awkward because your shoes fell off, hurt your feet, or just didn't look right with your outfit? I know how this feels, and I'm happy to tell you I've found a solution.

The next English Country Dance in Palmerston North (NZ) is on Saturday, 11th October, and in preparation for this, I'm offering 3 ladies the chance to make your feet happy and fabulous so you can trip the light fantastic with no regrets.

  • They're lined with leather or leatherette, meaning your feet can breathe, and they quickly mould to the shape of your foot.
  • They're soled with suede for slide without slipping.
  • They're so lightweight you'll hardly notice you're wearing them.
  • The narrow ankle strap provides elegant instep support.
  • The magic buckle allows speedy fastening and release of shoe straps.
  • They're remarkably cheap.

If you have size 39 feet (see shoe size chart), you have 2 styles to choose from. If you have size 38 feet, check out the snakeskin pair.  There are more photos and details below. You can order them now by emailing me and I'll mail them to you so you get a chance to wear them in before the dance. Or, if they haven't sold by Oct 11th, you can try them on before the dance and pay me for them there.


My feet are difficult to fit. They are narrow, have irregular length toes (second toe longer than big toe), and require arch support and good inner sole padding. I've tried so many types of shoes, but none have been quite right. I even researched custom-made shoes (expensive and unachievable for me).

For the last English Country Dance I was so desperate I tried tying my white leather pumps on with wide satin ribbon, mode a la ballet shoe. (That trick may work for some, but not those shoes.)

Then a fashion tip from a friend led me to an overseas online store that was offering everything I wanted in a shoe, including custom heel height, for an incredibly affordable price. The only thing I couldn't do was try on the shoes. How would I know if they were right for my complicated feet? Simple solution: order multiple sizes and styles, and sell off what doesn't work for my feet.

I ordered six pairs. One of those fits my feet. 1:6 is a unusually low ratio for me. I hope it's easier for you to find shoes that fit!

I wore my golden slippers around the house for an hour. Result: red dents and pain where my feet bent. Oh dear. I bolstered my courage and wore them again for an hour while teaching girls to waltz. But that time, no marks, no pain!

On the night of our bridal parade fundraiser, I wore them all evening (which included a waltz) and didn't think of my feet once. Except when people from old ladies to little girls exclaimed, "I LOVE your shoes!" When I got home after the show, I realized that I still had happy feet. That is the best dress shoe experience I've ever had!!!

And that's why I'm so excited about these shoes, why I'm delighted to give you the opportunity to have happy feet yourself. There are three styles and colours to choose from. First in, first served.

If you want them, email me now [ KyriellePublishing(at) ], or message me on Facebook.

With my best wishes for your own Happy Feet story!


Size 39 (see shoe size guide below), Heel Height 3.5cm, Upper Materials: Sparkling Glitter, Lining Materials: Leatherette, Outsole Materials: Real Leather.
Price: NZ$25 + $7 shipping (NZ only)

Size 39 (see shoe size guide below), Heel Height 5cm, real leather lining and outsole
Price: NZ$49 + $7 shipping (NZ only)

Size 38 (see shoe size guide below)
The heel and heel cup feature a bold snakeskin print in dark gold and black. The three main toe straps and the ankle strap are a burnt sienna, or coppery chocolate.
Heel Height 3.3cm, Upper & Lining Materials: Leatherette, Outsole Material: Real Leather
Price: NZ$59 + $7 shipping (NZ only)

Buy now. Email Narelle at KyriellePublishing(at), or message me on Facebook.


A size 39 shoe is
UK 6
AUS 7.5
JAP 24.5
The foot length is
9.5-9.6 inches or 24.1-24.5cm
The foot girth (around the widest part of the foot between pinky toe and joint of big toe) is
8.8-8.9 inches or 22.1-22.4 cm

A size 38 shoe is
USA 7.5
UK 5.5
JAP 24
The foot length is
9.3-9.4 inches or 23.6-24 cm
The foot girth (around the widest part of the foot between pinky toe and join of big toe) is
8.6-8.7 inches or 21.7-22 cm

You will need a sheet of paper, pencil, ruler, and measuring tape.

Step 1
Put a sheet of paper on the floor and place your bare foot flat on the paper. Hold the pencil upright against your foot and trace the outline of your foot. It is more accurate to measure while wearing the socks or stockings you will wear with the new shoes.

Step 2
Draw a straight line (parallel to the foot outline) at the back of the heel and again at the longest toe, and measure the distance between the two lines with your ruler. This is the length of your foot.

Step 3
To measure the girth of your foot, run your measuring tape around the widest part of your foot between the pinky toe and the joint of the big toe. Make sure your foot is flat on the paper.

Measure both feet, and select a shoe size that fits the longer, wider foot.

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