Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beauty Tip for Glamor Girl [Modesty WOF]

Here’s a beauty tip noted upon encounter with a dust-robed Ford Thunderbird that didn’t quite live up the promise of its number plate.

When driving out to take the air,
O Glamor Girl, do have a care
The dust upon your pink
Has showered down the sink.
A luxury interior
Is best enhanced by clean exterior.
What fellow yearns for flirt and dirt,
Or wink and stink?
No gentleman, I think.
Be sure your feminigning ways
Are true to what your signage says.

I’ve had a good chuckle creating this poem and poster, but it’s also a good reminder to “put my car in” for a warrant of fitness. If I claim to be a modest woman, how well does my behaviour and appearance match this? What about my thought life, and the way I speak?

When I dress in the morning, what attitudes am I putting on? Am I grooming my soul with as much care as I groom my body? Or, conversely, am I so focused on my inner grooming that I neglect my outward appearance?

Perhaps I need to devote time to improving my presentation skills. Maybe I’ve been lazy in both beauty skill and modest attitude.

Like the mechanic at the garage, I run a check list and when I see something that could impede the safe and efficient running of my “vehicle”, I note it and take steps to repair or replace the problem parts.

This is your friendly W.O.F. reminder. Fiat lux! [Let there be light!] In God’s light, we shall see light.*
Best wishes,

*Psalm 36:9

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