Friday, January 6, 2012

Links We Like: 6 Ways to Tie a Scarf

After all the posts BN has done on ways to tie a scarf, we're still finding new styles!

This Cold Water Creek link provides detailed sketches of 6 different ways to arrange a drapey scarf around your neck. Most of the examples use wide widths of lightweight fabric, but summer or winter, see how easy it is for one low-cost accessory to add both modesty and a punch of class and colour to an outfit!

Note: We are very sorry about the missing images. They were unexpectedly and irreversibly gobbled by Google+. 😱😭

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Suzannah said...

Hooray! I love scarves. Never go on a multi-day trip without one. Modesty, covering up accidental spills, providing a bit of warmth, keeping the rain off your hair, making an outfit a dash more swashbuckling...a scarf does it all, and packs down into a small space. I like silk/rayon or cashmere scarves that are big enough to act as stoles.