Friday, October 14, 2011

Modest Swimwear: a Wealth of Choice!

Summer is on its way to the southern hemisphere and we're turning our thoughts to warm-weather clothing. The most challenging of summer wardrobe quandaries is modest swimwear, but fear not! we have an encyclopedia of gorgeous solutions for you!

I recently visited the swimwear links BN has supplied in the past and was saddened to discover several of those modest swimwear stores have closed. On your behalf, I surfed the cyber waves for new resources and am happy to announce the range is exciting.

If you haven't already seen it, check out BNTV's 3-minute video, an in-depth promotion (pardon the pun) of Simply Modest Swimwear, our top recommendation for modest swimwear because of the flexibility of the style and unparalleled fabric choice.

We have discovered other modest swimwear stores providing many creative options. Isn't it wonderful to have a choice in styles? Some of the websites are a little confusing or tedious to navigate, but if you have the patience to explore, you'll find a wealth of style and colour choices.
MODEST SWIMWEAR STORES the burqini; raglan sleeve, optional hood similar to burqini large range of active-wear separates; skirts with built-in leggings 3-piece outfits that look like street wear boho to simple sporty styles in prints and plains rash vests and leggings modest 'haute couture' makes its show on the beach! love this range 2-piece skirted suit; BN favourite! unparalleled flexibility and fabric choice above-knee tropical-print sarong one-piece; softcup option spandex/taslon swimmer dresses, 3 styles

These stores are also listed in the Modest Clothing Stores tab beneath the BN header banner.

Let us know how you get on with your shopping!
We wish you happy summer splashing!

Note: Some of these links may be out of date now. Please check the Modesty Mall in the bar at the top of the page for current store links.


Katryna said...

I don't know if you have came across this site or not, but I found it today , and they have modest swimwear as well:

Narelle Worboys said...

SUPER-THANKS for sharing this, Katryna. I hadn't heard of SeaSecret. It's a treasure! What a great selection!
I love their tagline: Modest "Haute couture" makes its show on the beach.