Friday, May 27, 2011

The Great Shirt Hunt Returns (chapter 4)

Finding crisp cotton shirts in feminine colours that button all the way up and down!

RB Sellars and RM Williams are two Australian stores stocking modest women's shirts. I managed to get hold of a catalogue from each company and am thrilled at what's available. Today we'll look at RB Sellars. Next week we'll look at RM Williams. - superior clothing in premium fabrics at affordable prices.

RB Sellars is keen to extend its market into New Zealand and to this end have a New Zealand web address which immediately redirects you to the Australian website where all items are listed in Australian dollars. The good news is that they are offering free shipping until 30 June 2011. This is worth taking advantage of.

Without the need to figure in shipping cost, you can get a 100% cotton Sandy Workshirt (half placket, shaped hem) for A$39.90 (NZ$53.46) or any 3 for A$105 (NZ$140.69), which is NZ$46.90 each, almost half the price of an similar RM Williams shirt available from NZ Farmlands stores. Band together with your sisters or girlfriends and you could get yourselves a bargain.
You can get a shaped (tailored) Lorin or Pearl 100% cotton shirt in pretty stripes or checks for A$59.90 (NZ$80.26) or any 2 for A$100 (NZ$134). I applaud the close proximity of buttons on the placket (except the Davies Twill style) which should ensure that you don't provide bust- or tummy-exposing peepholes as you move.
You can get a plain pastel Rebecca Casual Shirt for A$45 (NZ$60.30) or any 2 for A$80 (NZ$107.20). These too feature a positive button rate.

If you like to dress in a sporty, casual style, the Clara Rugby and Sarah Rugby offer a modest, comfortable option in feminine colours. A$59.90 (NZ$80.26) or any 2 for A$110 (NZ$147.39).

Workshirts, rugby shirts, polos, and tees are available for girls up to size 12. Also short-sleeved shirt styles for women.
Last but not least, the Sally Casual Long Sleeve Shirt is A$45 (NZ$60.30) or any 2 for $80 (NZ$107.20). With a choice of 3 pastel shades, it's pretty and practical and, like the work shirts, good for hiding tummy bulges.

Apart from the knit rugby shirts, polos, and tees, all these shirts are 100% cotton. In other words, think'll crinkle. You won't look as pristine as these models, but you'll be just as comfortable.

New Zealand prices listed here are at the exchange rate current on the day of writing. To ensure you have the latest pricing, use this currency calculator:
Call Toll Free (AU) 1300 727 355 or (NZ) 0800 647 899

Next week: Shirts from Australian brand RM Williams.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Magic Modesty: A Million Ways to Wear a Scarf

Boutique Narelle has featured many posts on how scarves can solve modesty problems and add pizzazz and charm to your outfits. You'll find even more ideas in the following videos charmingly modeled by Chriselle* and narrated by Michelle.

For the ladies heading into winter, this video explores cosy options, including ways to wear the new season infinity scarf (circle scarf). Check out 7 Ways to Wear a Scarf:

 Step by step instructions are listed in the video info box here:

For the ladies heading into summer, this video explores cool accessories that are still wonderfully practical. Did you know that one silk square scarf can transform into a purse, a cleavage covering, and a hat? Check out 9 Different Silk Scarf Ideas:

*Model is not modestly dressed.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Power of Knowing What You Want

How creating a portfolio will simplify your shopping.

Have you ever opened a clothing catalogue and exclaimed, "That's it! That's me!" or

I did this when I opened the current Ezibuy catalogue. A two-page spread featured a skirt, top, belt, and jacket that were exactly the style in which I feel modest, feminine, elegant, and comfortable. The colours aren't what I look my best in, but yes, the silhouette and simple detail are definitely me. How rare it is to see on one page a complete outfit I'd be willing to purchase!

I didn't purchase in this case because I'm stocking my wardrobe with clear, strong colours, but I did take a photograph of the spread (so you could see it) and cut out the pages for my Portfolio.

What is this portfolio? You may have noticed that one of the topical categories on the sidebar is labelled Portfolio. I stopped applying the label to posts because it fitted nearly every post. When it comes to modest fashion, which you and I both know is hard to find, your portfolio allows you to know exactly what you like so that you can buy what you want when you see it.
From BN post "Creating Your Own Picture Portfolio"
Faced with the rarity of modest clothing in stores, it's surprising that when we do see a modest garment, it can be hard to tell if it's something we'll enjoy wearing or that'll look good on us because we have an urgency to 'grab it while it's available'. Have you experienced this?

I've found one way to prevent panic buying is to collect images of garments you love and form them into a portfolio, or scrapbook.  Recognizing 'my' fashion in the Ezibuy catalogue helped me recognize it in the store. Wandering around The Warehouse, I did a double take when I saw a military-style fleece jacket.

You saw me wearing that coat last week in Modelling Modesty: Anzac Girl. Here's another view, snapped in the junior section at the Warehouse -- not somewhere I've thought of as a modest fashion treasure trove for grown women.  Notice the collar style and buttons. Compare it with the Ezibuy jacket. Do you see the similarity? I did, and that's why I knew immediately I would buy it.

Start forming your own portfolio today, and in the process teach your brain to recognize your personal fashion style!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Modelling Modesty: Anzac Girl

"Modelling Modesty" posts on Boutique Narelle provide you with evidence that you're not the only girl in the world striving to be modest and gorgeous. Welcome to the company of courageous femininity!
Modelling modesty, Narelle demonstrates her ANZAC Day outfit which she wore while filming for a commemorative music video and when attending an ANZAC concert at the Fountain Theatre.
Skirt: Ballentynes, worn many times and still drawing comments of pleasure from viewers
Camisole: The Warehouse (junior section)
Knit Top: Ballentynes
Polarfleece Belted Military Jacket: The Warehouse (junior section)
Boots: The Warehouse
Cotton Drill Sunhat: SaveMart Recycled Clothing
The red poppy is the symbol of the Returned Servicemen's Association, referencing the famous poem "In Flanders' Fields" used at remembrance events. To complete the outfit, two vintage hat pins and three poppies with their wire stems looped back on themselves were a quick and simple way to an eye-catching accessory.

American women volunteers from the First World War
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