Friday, April 30, 2010

Medicinal Mop Feet

The green mop slippers posted on March 17th 2010 are no longer available from MagnaMail but they've popped up at Innovations.

Did you look at this image and laugh in amusement, or did you think something like "How idiotic. What a waste of money that would be."

This post carries the label Just for Fun because I've noticed how easily I forget to have fun living. When I stop to think about it, I realize that I like what I do, but somehow I let myself get so focussed on getting a task finished and doing it perfectly, or pressured by how many tasks I have lined up, that I neglect to enjoy the process of doing.

Making time to be aware and thankful for the little details, objects, sounds, words, and kindnesses goes a long way toward improving my outlook on the big picture.

A Happy Hat...a Bit of Bling...
Leapard-print lining on a coat that swings
When I swirl just so...

So why not Just for Fun enjoy some funny slippers? I figure if ever there was a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, lime green mop feet and a matching cleaning stick would be the skates to take me to clean floors in a most delightful way. That and a slab of chocolate.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Layering - with Bloomin' Butterflies

Bloomin' Butterflies microsuede shirt by OutbackTrading

I purchased this shirt at Farmlands, on sale for NZ$30 (regular price NZ$44.95), as a layering device for use with long-sleeved t-shirts which are reknown for their cosy but figure-hugging properties.

I don't like the wing effect created by cap sleeves (one reason being they accentuate my wide shoulders), so I reduced the angle by creating a tuck level with the bodice shoulder seam.

My first thought was to fix it at the outer edge with a few hand stitches, but decided to machine topstitch it from edge to shoulder, reducing my wingspan by 28mm per sleeve.

This layering device will be great when temperature fluctations make a jersey or jacket too warm but a single layer of t-shirt too exposed.

Also, due to my Spring colouring and warm t-shirts being perennially in Winter colours such as black, navy blue, plum, and white, this Spring-shade ivory (yellow-based) will be a way to bring life back to my visage when I'm compelled to wear blue-based tones. Here I'm shown wearing it with a Spring shade of red.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Strange Ways of Kiwi Underwear

A conversation about travelling in countries of different religious persuasion and the need for a woman to be culturally sensitive prompted me to wonder what I would do if I was caught unprepared in a situation requiring me to cover my head. Maybe my luggage was stolen...or perhaps my host made unexpected arrangements to tour a holy site. What would I do?

My first thought was to borrow a hat or scarf. These options would fail if I was on the road with women who needed their one garment for their own head. If I had access to a pair of scissors, a dash of Kiwi ingenuity (or desperation?) could accomplish the following.




My actions may seem a drastic way to get fodder for a fashion post, but there's no need to feel sorry for this Jay Jays camisole. The camisole was too long for my needs. Finding a use for the excess length was a bonus. ;)

Tip: the knit fabric doesn't unravel. No sewing required. Just chop.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Jay Jays Camisole - updated

Here’s what it looks like. The bodice has a double layer of fabric.

Here’s where you can get it. JayJays has stores in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. More details at

The lace camisole is a Jay Jays perennial. It’s so popular that they’ve decided to keep it in store every season. You can choose from the bottom-covering style shown above, or a shorter version (minus this lacey border), priced at NZ$20 each or 2 for $30. They’re available in a rainbow of colours. I usually stick with white and black because they go over or under everything.

2010 Update:

The NZ website has disappeared and the Australian website now lists both Australian and NZ prices. does not list the Jay Jays camisole, but it is available in their stores. View the Store Locator tab on their website for where to shop.


1. Keep an eye on the state of your camisoles. If the lace is pilled and has elastic tails flying at the seams, the garment looks like underwear. It should be worn where it can't be seen or retired from duty.

2. Are your camisoles stretched to the point you don't get the coverage you need? If you're not at liberty to purchase new ones, try wearing two at once. I've found this works provided I'm not wearing a clingy t-shirt over the top.

3. If you find with the rising skirt and trouser waistlines that you no longer need the extreme length of the long camisole, or if you get annoyed with unauthorized roll-up activity of the camisole's hem, Narelle's suggestion for a quick, easy fix is to chop off the lace. The knit fabric won't unravel, so there's no need to hem it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Clothes Shopping: Scary Prospect?

Is shopping alone for clothes a scary prospect for you?

Do you struggle to find things that wear well and look good on you? Do you stress over whether something is a wise purchase or not?

My sister Katrina shared one of those moments with me, inspiring this post (thanks, K!). She lives 6 hours drive from me, so we don't get to walk into a shop together and watch each other try on clothes. What do you do if you need support but can't take a friend with you?

Narelle's solution: SHOP ONLINE like this...
  • Browse a store website.
  • Email the pictures you like to your friend/family member, and/or discuss them over the phone while you both look at the same website.
Many online clothing stores provide an 'email a friend' button which means you can send the garment photo and/or link to your Shopping Support Person.

Ezibuy and newCreation Apparel are two online stores who provide the 'email a friend' button. You'll see it at the bottom of each of these illustrations, just below the garment image.

Here's hoping that your next clothes shopping event is more fun and less stress!

And for those of you who see a garment online that you think a friend is looking for or would look good in, use that "email a friend" button to let them know it's there. Especially if it's on sale! Let your loved ones know they don't have to battle through the shopping scenario by themselves.
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