Friday, August 8, 2014

random photos of Narelle's modest fashion life


In lieu of the BN modest fashion observations, tips, and promotions that I've planned to write in the past three months as we've plodded our way toward normality after our house fire (and for which I've even spent several hours at a time writing and preparing images but never managed to get one finished), here's a random sampling of photos that may or may not make it into a post in the future.


Narelle and Sarah: enjoying some fun during a joint creative project which we hope to post on YouTube. Guess who paints and who sings?
Spending time with family takes priority over web work. Any day.
Find a quiet corner with a baby and something to chew...bliss.
Narelle is very happy to get out of dark-coloured clothing required for soot-cleaning and into glad rags suitable for singing a program at Rahiri Retirement Home. The old folks love a modest and pretty dress as much as a sweet song. So does Narelle!

The scarf was a gift from Israel. It's made of net-fine wool, light yet remarkably warm, and a perfect accessory for the outfit Narelle last wore for her Princess Moment. See here for text and video:
Mum, this is for you: "It Will Be Worth It All" ~ Narelle and Sarah Worboys
Narelle and Sarah: we made a gift for our mother, and we've shared it on YouTube so you can bless your mother with it too. Go to
With limited choice in creative projects to occupy her during her 2-month sojourn at a motel, Narelle tries out a neckline alteration on her custom-made swimsuit from Simply Modest Swimwear.
 After the fire, Narelle is very thankful to have modest clothes and a clean place to launder them!
An unedited shot from a Fashion Fundraiser shoot (pre-fire) on a day that was plagued by lighting and focus troubles.
A shot for the BN Fashion Fundraiser that won't be used because the fleece jacket has now been sold.

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