Friday, February 7, 2014

Fashion Fundraiser: Modest Clothing Bonanza


We're excited to announce that Boutique Narelle, creator of the innovative Modesty Mall, is hosting a fashion fundraiser featuring a large portion of Narelle’s own closet collection. Yes, she’s selling over 50 garments from brand new to quality favourites.

We believe Boutique Narelle needs a website upgrade because you, the modest women of the world, deserve easier access to tools that can help you live modestly, love femininity, and lead your heart toward true beauty.

Here’s how you can help make that happen.

1.  SHOP Narelle on TradeMe here. Garment sizes range from 8 to 12, unless further clothing donations received; shipping New Zealand only, unless by special arrangement.
2.  SELL any good quality clothes you no longer wear, and donate the sale price to BN. Contact Narelle if you trade online and have pictures/shop links you’d like to share.
3.  DONATE (see tip jar on sidebar =)
4.  SHARE with your friends the Facebook Event here, or Pinterest Board here.

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A selection of the garments to be auctioned at
Boutique Narelle is a beauty solutions platform with two-fold purpose. It is fashion journalism for women who want to be modest and beautiful. We seek to inspire radiant grace in each woman and confidence in her Designer-uniqueness, and provide solutions for her what-to-wear problems. As developer of the innovative international Modesty Mall tool, BN’s goal is also to strengthen the modesty industry by connecting consumers with modest beauty service providers, and to develop technology that makes it easier for women anywhere in the world to access suitable clothing, beauty, and inspirational resources and participate in community of like-minded women.

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