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Fabulous Modest Fun: lively English Country Dance event

Here at Boutique Narelle we're delighted to support events that promote and enjoy modesty. Jess Rademaker and family extend an invitation to you for a lively evening of fun. Jess says, "I hope you're all ready to come and dance with us at the upcoming English Country Dance! Please invite your friends--anyone is welcome to join in with us!"

WHEN: Saturday, 1 February 2014, from 6:30pm onwards

WHERE: Reformed Church of Palmerston North (541 Ruahine St), New Zealand

BRING: a gold coin donation and your best dancing shoes (bare feet work too, but we recommend soles that slip and slither)

Here's a video from a previous English Country Dance event. Notice the wide variety of clothing styles. Maid Marian, Jane Austen, Queen Victoria, and Audrey Hepburn comfortably trip the boards together.

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Gentlemen are asked to please wear tidy dress (trousers and collared shirt) and encouraged to explore formal costume apparel, entering into the fun of travelling back in time to a period English Country Dance.

Ladies are asked to please wear long skirts or dresses that are modest
so that we can all have a great, family-friendly, enjoyable time together. There will be some dresses available to borrow, but first in, first served and best fitted. Alternately, make your own or hire an outfit.


Aim for comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict movement, and low, broken-in, soft-soled, non-marking shoes, such as dance shoes, lightweight sneakers, or sandals, for best foot comfort during a couple hours of quick stepping. Dress gloves are recommended if you want to avoid sweaty-hand contact.

For modesty, ensure that clothing covers your shoulders/armpits, that no midriff will show when you raise your arms, and no cleavage will show during your swings, gallops, and jigs. You'll want a skirt with enough fullness to accommodate lots of knee movement--narrow skirts with splits are not recommended. We encourage costumed apparel, but regular tidy dress is also acceptable. This is a chance to dress up! Have fun with it!

Photo by Steven Sandrbook Photography. View Steven's album at

Photo by Steven Sandrbook Photography. View Steven's album at

For more information on what to expect or ideas for what to wear, browse these Boutique Narelle posts on English Country Dance events.

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