Friday, December 27, 2013

Golden Roses: Special Occasion Up-Do for medium-length curly or curled hair

Here's a hair style for Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, or any occasion where you want to add a splash of special to your appearance.

I'm just back from a beautiful Christmas Eve service, my heart filled with thanksgiving to the Almighty who chose to come down to such a world as this, to suffer and die as a man and rise again from the dead in order to rescue me and you. I surely needed rescuing. You can find out just how much I needed it by listening to my mini keynote concert here.

Rose of Sharon is one of the Saviour's names. A rose of golden glory sort of colour seems fitting when I consider that the manger is empty, the cross is empty, the tomb is empty, because Jesus lives! He's Victor over Death, and Lord of my heart. So tonight I styled my hair with a crown of golden roses.
You'll need five mini claw clips, one larger one (dependent on thickness of hair), and three large fabric rosebuds.

Begin by segmenting the top-front section (a parting on each side and straight across the top level with your ears).

Twist it gently out to one side until the whole length is evenly twisted but not tight.

Place the tail of the comb under the base of the coil and nudge in the opposite direction to your hair tail. Let your hand holding the end follow the hint, allowing the hair to fall into coils against your scalp, twisting more if necessary to maintain evenness of the coil density. Use your fingers to form the coils into shapely loops.

Secure the loops with two mini claw clips.

Lift back section of hair into a pony tail centred at crown of head, twist a couple of times then lift the tail up over the top of your head and let it drape over your forehead.

Secure the base of the tail with larger claw clip (choose a size capable of holding the thickness of your hair).

Feel the base of the claws to check that all of the tail is within the grasp of the clip.

Flip your hair back from your forehead and arrange the curls to cover the claw clip and form a pleasing frame to your face.

This is as far as I go for a normal daytime hairstyle, but tonight I poked in three rose stems into the mass of hair on top of my head above the claw clip (which is now hidden by the fountain of curls).
 Then I gathered the draped curls into a pinch at the back of my head and secured with a mini claw clip.
 The sides were a little bit bouffy, so (below) I added a mini claw clip on each side as well.
Would you like to see a sequence of this hairstyle being created? Leave a comment below.

Best wishes to you!

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