Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 Essentials for an Apron Design that Makes a Woman Happy

I’ve been working on a new apron design. This isn’t my first effort, and in the course of trial and error using a variety of apron patterns, I’ve identified five essentials that make me a happy apron wearer.

1.    It must protect my clothes from dirt encountered amid the varied duties of homemaking tasks (cooking, cleaning, childcare, etc).
2.    It must be comfortable – in my case, not pull at or weigh down on my delicate neck (better apron, less osteopath).
3.    It must be easy to get on and off (no over-the-head business or hard-to-reach buttons or straps).
4.    Its size must be adaptable to clothing bulk worn underneath through different seasons.
5.    The fabric must be in a print that helps hide stains.

Having fiddled and adapted with several apron styles, and having failed one time too many (how many failures are enough for you?!?), I listed what I actually needed from a design, and the result was that I chucked apron patterns altogether.

Instead, I based my design on a tunic pattern. From that, I created a custom apron that met all of my criteria. Some would call it a coverall. I made it long enough so it does nearly cover all.

So far this creation is working a treat. In addition to my five essentials, I’m enjoying these benefits: I love wearing it, it makes me feel fresh, pretty, and stylish (as well as clean), and, happy day! the colours work wonderfully with a variety of my outfits.

If the thought of adding an apron over your clothes in a hot kitchen on a midsummer's day makes you feel fainthearted, this style could relieve some of that stress. Wear it over as little as an unlined skirt and a cropped, sleeved top in lightweight cotton, and you'll look modest and gorgeous and a little less frazzled. Sound good to you?

What are your essentials for a good apron? Have you found a style that works for you?

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