Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Solve Your Clothing Difficulties, Introduction

SCOOTER SHOOTER. This was part of several themed shoots, which you’ll see more of below. There were a few challenges - I needed a peg to hold up my heirloom skirt, and it was a relief to release the belt, but a month ago I couldn’t have worn a belt at all. It was fun shooting the sequences.

Have you ever felt powerless to dig yourself out of a difficult situation? What did you do?

A year ago, I collapsed onto our couch and remained there for five weeks. You may recall that I had one winter skirt, and its lining had split. It was another seven months before I was strong enough to begin digging myself out of my closet emergency.

How did I survive the interim? Importing a friendly Australian rescue operation [Suzannah Sews a Mountain in Eighteen Days!] kept me warm and feminine through the long winter.

VIKING BARBIE. Suzannah carves a melon feast, which she eventually nicknamed the Viking Barbie due to the latticed side-ties and glowing pinkness.

DADDY’S DAFFODIL. Rejoicing in a bright new winter garment paired with favourite scarf, my Closet Savior and I laughed through some farewell photos.

This summer, blessed by an unexpected break from my health treatment program (feels like a reprieve from chemotherapy!), I’ve been frequently at the sewing machine, bubbling with delight over finished projects which mean I have choice in what I wear. Yippee!

VIKING BARBIE BEATS THE HEAT. Dealing with city summer heat, six floors up and no airflow, the all-seasons Viking Barbie worked a treat. It also travels well in a pack.

AFTERNOON TEA WITH AUNTY. Go on, use that lovely china. Take the time to make special memories with the people you love.

Yes, I’ve been photographing my progress. I look forward to sharing details with you, knowing that I’m not the only woman experiencing closet challenges, that maybe my ideas will spark the solutions you need for your situation.

Your course may be long and difficult, but you have the power to solve your closet or personal appearance challenge, or any other kind of challenge, if you persevere. I know. Don’t give up, please. I invite you to share your thoughts in the Comments box below or subscribe to my Facebook and I’ll come and have a conversation with you.

Fiat lux!

RIDING ASTRIDE. When lady doth straddle, best array for the saddle.

RAINBOW POPPET. Island Adventure with Little Miss Niece.

DOUGHTY DENIM. Infinite are the styling options for denim fabric!

FRANGIPANI GLOW. A Boutique Narelle design in self-shirred cotton. The summer has been consistently warm enough to get me into short sleeves!

WEDDY FOR WHEEL ADVENTURE? Aw wight, but where will we go?

MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MOO. My Christmas Wish was for a walk in a nearby bush reserve. We left the heat haze for canopy of tranquil green and birdsong, whence I came upon the startling spectacle of a gangrenous cattle beast, its back to me, lying splayed upon the forest floor. I approached with caution. Here you see me with my foot on its neck. It turned out to be nothing more than an overtly bulbous tree root. Well, it makes a good yarn, right?

WHO HIT HER SNOOZE BUTTON? Looks like that’s all for this time, folks!

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Suzannah was in those pictures!

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