Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TRANSFORMALD: from formal to everyday delight, no cost

PEACHY-KEEN REVIVAL: preview of an outfit that promises potential and not a dollar spent!

With a flutter of excitement, I have set out to repurpose one of my semi-formal concert gowns, with the aid of a striped viscose scarf. I know the fashion of this world passeth away, but that doesn't prevent me getting all bubbly over the possibilities of fabric, colours, textures, and whatnot. The joy is supremely enhanced when necessity requires you live with 2 outfits per season!

Spring is known to bring
Petals new and pretty.

I have a lot for which to thank the Lord, Who gives only good gifts. Seeing my joy over this outfit, a friend commented, "Who, being Peachee, cannot bubble?"

*Our favourite fizz from Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is Peachee.

I don't yet have even one dress ready for the approaching summer, so a midnight "bling!" moment on a possible way to resolve this was very welcome. I remembered a cotton lined, broderie camisole dress in my collection of concert gowns. I last wore it when I sang at St. John's Anglican Church in July of 2009, an event you can relive in A Princess Moment.

How I found the dress in the first place is related in Peachy-Keen Shopping Team.

The dress has handkerchief godets that are hemmed for wearing with high heels, which I only do for formal occasions. I can fold-and-stitch or cut off the extra length, and since the fabric is cotton, the dress will adapt well to my everyday summer needs--provided I can find something to cover shoulders, back, and chest.

The climate is still cool, so I started my experimenting by placing a long sleeved tee shirt under the dress, but that was too tight for comfort. Provided I layer it with a jacket or cardigan of similar length, the tee can be worn on top of the dress. This number of layers will be far too warm for summer, and that's where the striped Postie scarf (shown in the first illustration) will prove useful. It's wide enough to make into a tunic. Well, that's the plan.

When the underlayer has lumpiness in bodice design or fabric, as you see above with gathers, appliqued lace, diamantes, and the lace trim I've tried to hide by handstitching to the lining, wearing delicate or clingy fabrics over top isn't ideal if you're keen to draw the eye to your face rather than your bust. I shall be strong-minded--the pretties must come off.

What you see in the following pictures is the result of not being able to wear the dress yet. I succumbed to the urge to play with it. I've left my favourite ensemble on the mannequin and I poke my nose into the room now and then just to enjoy looking at it. I took photos so you can enjoy looking too.

 Below is the same knot as above, pulled tight.

  • Peach cotton broderie dress on clearance from Ezibuy
  • Natural crewneck long-sleeved tee shirt from Victoria Hill/Damart (proving to be a Very Useful Garment) 
  • Melon acrylic cardigan from The Warehouse 
  • Printed square chiffon scarves, $2 each from 123+ 

See Modesty Mall tab for shop links.

For this look, tie a loose overhand knot in one tail of the scarf, feed the other tail through the knot, then tug gently to place the tails and tighten the knot. Fluff the ends.
I tried two scarves together, the overhand knots tied in opposite directions (the lemon knot is flat side up; the peach knot you can see the 'workings'). I fed one tail of the peach scarf through the knot of the lemon scarf to keep the two scarves together.
Here, I've used the overhand knot on an oblong [rectangular] scarf. Setting the knot below your bust will make your bust look smaller.

Scarf closeup: Our debt to Israel

  • Lemon denim jacket from Ezibuy
  • Yellow crewneck long-sleeved tee shirt from Ezibuy
  • Incredibly delicate wool scarf bought for me by my father when he was in Israel

Other accessories used in this post:

  • "Snugglefeet" sheepskin slippers from Classic Sheepskins
  • Ivory Twist faux-leather purse on clearance from The Warehouse
  • Reversible floral-print shoulder bag by Boutique Narelle
  • Strawberry ruched Castro cap (The Warehouse) with organza rosebuds (Boutique Narelle)

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