Saturday, October 6, 2012

Major discount on all SMS modest swimwear!

30% off ALL SWIMSUITS at Simply Modest Swimwear thanks to a generous donor!

This includes all ready-made and custom suits and swimshirts, while the subsidy lasts. Sale will end without notice. If you've been wanting SMS swimwear for you or your kiddies, get 'em now @ ! Use coupon code MODESTYMATTERS.

The video below gives examples of the range of style and fabric you can choose.

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Crystal of Simply Modest Swimwear shares how this amazing discount came about.

She says, "Due to the generosity of Glen from Lexington, KY, I am able to offer 30% off ALL swimsuits! Glen values modesty and wants to make modest swimwear more affordable for those who haven't been able to purchase one yet due to finances."
Here are some of Glen's comments:

"Crystal, A recent experience prompted my writing you. I am a Christian husband and father who has been taking the 2 sons of the wife of my youth to the water park. Gradually over my lifetime women's swimsuits have shrunk away to this current state of covering 5% of their bodies. HONESTLY, FROM WHAT CAN BE SEEN, THEY MIGHT AS WELL BE NAKED. I find myself expending intense energy to keep my eyes away, suppressing an urge God put in me for a legitimate purpose from being abused. Their choice to wear that stuff grieves me. Lately I question whether this is a wholesome environment to bring our children to. Can you imagine when the boys go through puberty? It is such a pity that water-slides and sprinklers have to be ruined by this.

"I read your "Why Modesty?" and really agree with all you wrote. I like your suits. They show it is totally possible for women to look feminine and pretty without looking sleazy."

Crystal says, "Glen isn't alone... I can't tell you how many emails I have received from men around the world who wish ladies knew how important modesty is! That they have the power to be an encouragement to their brothers in the Lord, or to be a stumbling block. Modesty not only shows respect for those around us, but also for our own bodies."

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