Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Turning Hat Springs

I've gone slightly hat mad. I could attribute it to the balmy August spring, but the truth is I've been well enough to turn a few handsprings [figuratively], including some short creative projects.

I made a new hat for "Stitch On", where I sang a somersault under my hat. You can read details and a special Boutique Narelle hair tip here at Songuine.

Narelle after performing at "Stitch On"

I've been studying on how to bring spring into old hats. I've done this by watching YouTube craft videos demonstrating flower-making techniques. It's extraordinary that I can sit at home and learn from skilled craftsmen for free! I've compiled a floral craft playlist and a millinery playlist, so you can learn too.

I tried to dump an old hat, but it found its way to my head before I got it to the door...whereupon I learned two things.

PROBLEM #1: Does your hat look old and pilled? Do the colours make you wonder why you bought it?

SOLUTION: Try pairing it with different colours and you may be surprised at the sudden new life and love in your hat.

I used to wear this hat with a dark blue outfit (back when I erroneously believed I shouldn't wear yellow). I bought the hat because it was the only cosy one I could find (early polarfleece days, and before I discovered I could make my own hats). It generated lots of enthusiasm from onlookers, but I never liked it for its own sake. But now, worn with yellow...let me know in the comment box what you think!
The bouquet was a gift from the organizers of "Stitch On".

PROBLEM #2: Does your hat look boring on your head?

SOLUTION: Ditch the straight angles. Flip the brim up or down or both, or wear it backwards, or try a dent or pinch in the crown.

Watch Roy Rogers shape his iconic hat here, or browse Terry Graziano's hat blog here -- it may give you some inspiration on how to put pizzazz into your garments. Style is not so much what a lady wears, but rather the way a lady wears it.


Below, the brim has been tilted up on the left side and pulled down on the right side, with a sassy dip above the right eye. It's just rolled fleece, so the curvature is subtle and won't stay permanently, but I think it makes all the difference. What do you think?

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