Friday, November 18, 2011

The Great Shirt Hunt, Chapter 7

The 2011 warm-season brochure that RD1 kindly sent to my mailbox featured these modest top styles.

RD1 shops are in most rural centres around the North Island of New Zealand.  If you're a South Island shopper, pop into CRT and ask for a copy of their catalogue "Clobber".

My sister Sarah sent me a Clobber (kind-hearted gal) and I was impressed with the practical garments available for women through this farm supplies chain. Sarah said that the Rangiora branch had many more options than hinted at in the catalogue, which sounds promising provided you can get to a store or you have a sister/chum who can shop for you.

CRT stocks R. M. Williams ladies shirts, a brand which Boutique Narelle explored in chapters five and six of The Great Shirt Hunt [click here]. I promised a wearability update of my R.M. Williams Ashville shirt, coloured vibrant lime-green.

I can report it's my favourite shirt for everyday feel-good pleasure. For 100% cotton, it launders like a dream, and appears to be fade-resistant. I'm certain this shirt will live forever and that my purchase was utterly worthwhile.


Joy said...

That's a really nice shirt, Narelle! And it doesn't need ironing? AMAZING!!!

Narelle Worboys said...

This R.M. Williams cotton is naturally stiffish and holds its shape well. I find that a little tugging helps when placing it on a hanger to dry. If you want a shirt with a pristine starched look, you would need to press it, but because it's 100% cotton, you'd be creased again as soon as you sit down or put on a jacket.

Textured fabric is In, and I don't mind a faintly crumpled look around the mid-section. I value the comforts of cotton over synthetics (which may be crease-free but they Smell and magnify heat, among other sins). If you like the traditional shirt style and want the comfort and breathability of cotton, this sort of top is for you. =)

Narelle Worboys said...

PS In the flower picture, the shirt was freshly laundered. In the trekker picture, the shirt was into its second day of wearing. Pretty good, huh?

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