Friday, October 28, 2011

Modelling Modesty: Lisa's Antique-Rose Suit

You may remember that at the end of Charmagne's Wedding - The Guests I mentioned a young lady with "the thickest cascade of straight blonde ponytail I've ever seen." I wanted to know the story of the suit she was wearing. I was delighted to receive a response from her mother, and now here is the suit for you to see. The suit and its wearer looked even better in real life.

Lisa's suit is a Frederick A design made of 100% polyester. Frederick A was a branch of Ambler and Company (Summit & Aertex), but the label has been discontinued.

Lisa and her mother found her suit at SaveMart, a huge discount store in Wanganui. There's a SaveMart Recycled Clothing Centre in every main city in New Zealand. I've encountered Frederick A before, a garment memorable enough for me to recognize the label when Lisa's mother mentioned it, so there's a chance that you could find something similarly delicious. SaveMart turnover includes thousands of garments per day, so if you had a look last month, it's worth having another look this month.

All the best, and let us know if you find something you love!

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