Friday, October 7, 2011

Links We Like: Jeans-to-Skirt Tutorial

A glimpse of Suzannah Rowntree's jean skirt on the day of Charmagne Smith's wedding prompted me to inquire its origin. Delighted with what I heard, we met a week later for photo shoot and details.
Suzannah wanted a long skirt that was low-cost and warm enough for Australia's Victorian winters. Concerned that long skirts simply weren't economical, Suzannah retreated to her thinking spot to ponder. The result was an idea to buy two pairs of denim jeans and with the aid of a seam ripper and stitch maker, join the two into a skirt. She loves the result and has made several this year.

You can view Suzannah's tutorial here:

If you need a practical, hard-wearing skirt, or you're keen to get that trendy denim look, if you shop secondhand (thrift), and are comfortable with a little sewing, this is an ideal solution for you. Make sure you check Suzannah's tips for what style jeans will work best.

One piece of advice from me: beware of distressed denim. Watch out for the artificially faded patches because the designers carefully set them to draw the eye to thighs and buttocks. That is not what a modest lady aims for in her dressing habits, so take care in your choice of fabric and its placement. If in doubt, ask someone to view you modelling the jeans across the room. Check both front and rear views.

While chatting with Suzannah, I noticed the charm of the buttons on her hand-knitted wool cardigan. They're called Dorset Buttons and are created using a ring (Suzannah used a flat metal washer disk), yarn, and a yarn needle.

Blogger/designer Mags Kandis says, "How many times have you had a cardi sit for weeks...months...years while hunting down the PERfect buttons. By using the same yarn as your project or complimenting yarn from your stash, you always have designer buttons at your fingertips." Print your free pattern now! Click this link: 

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