Friday, September 2, 2011

Check the Labels!

Here's a humourous example of how labels can be misleading. Most of us read what we think they mean, not what they actually say.

Last time I shopped at SaveMart, I collected several tops with green labels (there are at least 3 other label colours; I haven't figured out their code yet).  The prices were handwritten, quite roughly, and I thought they all said $6.99 . Can you guess what my mistake was?

A family member urgently needed a toilet stop, which this SaveMart doesn't provide, so I left the dressing room in a hurry and purchased without reviewing my selections. That $16.99 wasn't worth what I got for it.

Now that you're warned, how do you interpret this catalogue page from Ezibuy?
Click image to enlarge.

My mother looked at it over my shoulder and murmured, "I always wears two jandals at a time."

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