Friday, September 30, 2011

Charmagne's Wedding: The Guests

Part 4 in September's Modest Wedding Series
Waiting for the Bride

The eldest and the youngest ladies in this pew caught my attention for their celebratory colours amid a sea of black and grey. I encountered the elder lady twice in the course of Charmagne's wedding week and both times her hair was carefully styled in a French coronet braid with a pink camelia peeking over her brow.

One day that could be me.

Demonstrating the ease of turning an ordinary outfit into something special: feminine colours, a layer of dainty fabric, and simple accessories (see her hair and footwear).

What makes a wedding the social event of the season? Girls get to natter, or girls get to dress up, or girls get to see and natter about how other girls dress up?

Suzannah Rowntree's ethnic-style shawl immediately captured my attention. When I asked for its story, she said that it came from her favourite Asian shop in Victoria, Australia. It makes an attractive modesty-layer for her white crewneck tee. If it is her denim skirt that has captured your attention, I can tell you that she made it herself from two pairs of jeans, and next week's post will explain exactly how she did it.

Clare and Samalah looked distinctly individual and made it look easy to achieve their casual elegance.  Both chose velveteen skirt fabric topped with a tailored jacket, but their combinations of texture, trims, and accessories produced very different effects.

How to dress warmly for a special event and still look adorable

Further Hair Flair. Check out Genevieve's basket weave.
The bride's niece and nephew
Masculine Promenade
[Above and below] Photographer Steven Sandbrook of with his sister Clare and other family members provided a wonderful example of a family content to work together.

Little princesses at the feast watch the cutting of the bridal cake.
See the bride and the cake here.

My mother commented on the unusual number of children present at this wedding. It was charming to have them there, and to realize that they were watching and learning from the culture-leading, modest proceedings just as I was.
You've seen the faux-leather jacket before [MM Love Those Leathers], you've seen the mermaid skirt before [MM Christmas Carol], but you might like the above combination better than in the "Love Those Leathers" Modelling Modesty post. A reader protested that the jacket just didn't go with the black skirt! What do you think?

The melon cotton knit cardigan has three-quarter sleeves. The shoes are synthetic oxfords, made extra comfortable by inserting leather insoles from another pair of shoes. Top and shoes were both purchased from The Warehouse.
So you know who was taking the photos =)

I'm glad to say that the standard of male dress (and posture) was not generally what you see behind me.

As always at functions like this, there were many interesting people I didn't get to talk with or photograph. One photo I very much wish I could share with you would be of a young lady diligently serving the guests. She had the thickest cascade of straight blonde ponytail I've ever seen, and she wore an antique rose/lavender skirt suit of what looked like embroidered silk. I would love to know the story of that outfit. Where did she get it? Perhaps if she or her mother read this post, they will be willing to share those details with us.

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Suzannah said...

Again, just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying these posts, Narelle! Thank you! What a special way to relive a special event.

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