Friday, September 23, 2011

Charmagne's Wedding: The Bridesmaids

While it's true that the bride is the primary interest for spectators, the bridesmaids provide a foreshadowing and stimulate excitement for what is coming. Charmagne's bridesmaids looked and acted like princesses.

Behind the scenes nine days before...
A friend sewed the organza and silk gowns for little sisters Kaitlyn and Grace. Charmagne created older sister Genevieve's silk gown accented with organza.

Six year old Grace took courage in the name of Jesus and sparkled with joy rather than fear as she led the bridal party up the aisle.
Kaitlyn bore herself with charm and dignity as she ensured the bride's train was kept free from the wheels of her father's stand-up wheelchair.
Hair Flair

Genevieve as always adorned the proceedings with her gracious loveliness.
After greeting their guests outside the church and mingling around the horse-drawn carriage for a short period, the bride and groom suddenly set off on foot down the road for photographs in the city square, stopping traffic movement and starting public tongues wagging. Some passers-by even had their cameras out. This couple clearly like to give surprises, for this wasn't the only one that day.
Mother of the bride Barbara appeared calm and beautiful, her garments cleverly coordinated with her daughters. She usually wears her pretty hair loose, but on this occasion she had it rolled at the sides and coiled at the nape of her neck, similar to Gracie's, an elegant finishing touch for her modish outfit.
I observed in the ladies of the bride's family a noteworthy contrast to cultural norms. If cosmetics were used, it was to invisibly enhance, not to draw attention to its presence for its own sake. The girls and women all looked their delightful best and yet normal, natural individuals.

When the prevailing culture advocates artificiality, it takes courage and conviction to be different and be real. Do you wear makeup? Is it to enhance, or to attract attention? I recently watched an interview of a bunch of guys trying to help each other understand women better. When the question came up, "Why do they wear SO much makeup?", their collective, passionate response was, "They don't wear it for us, they wear it for each other!"  Examine yourself, asking, Why do I wear makeup?

There are several facets to this (face-inating) topic and a primary one is the consideration of were you taught how to apply it so you look natural, or did your teacher favour the "Look, I'm wearing makeup!" style? Perhaps, like me, you didn't have a teacher at all and are struggling to acquire skill in product choice and application. If this is you, my recommendation is that you find a lady in your church or community, or even through online networks, who presents herself in a manner that you respect, then ask her if she would be willing to mentor you in the skills of modest femininity.
The week prior to the wedding, Charmagne demonstrated the niftiness she used to ensure Genevieve and baby Evangeline would be modest and comfortable throughout the day. The empire waistline on the maid of honour's dress has a hanging band...

...which lifts up to give access to invisible zips, one set each side of centre front, allowing its maternal wearer to look elegant and minimize the fuss of uncovering to nurse baby throughout the day.

Further ease is provided by a hook and eye, and functional buttons front and back. The sash band is, from the side seams, detached and fully adjustable for motherhood's fluctuating dimensions, since the dress was made two months before the original wedding date. [Due to Mr. Smith's health crisis, the wedding was moved forward five weeks.]
Charmagne is master of small details. I loved the brass and blue glass buttons, and do you observe the tiny scalloped lace outlining cuffs, band, neckline, and hem? Très charmant.

 Who else was there and what did they wear? Next week, more photos from the wedding and reception.


Suzannah said...

I am really enjoying these posts, Narelle! Looking forward to the next one!

lactosue said...

I am delighted to see this family on show to the world-what positive role models they are especially the females of this house from the babe in arms to the mother of them all. God bless them all-I hope my sons will be led to such a family.

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