Friday, August 5, 2011

Where to Find Modest Swimwear

Swimwear you won't want to get out of!
Do you love being in the water? I love swimming, but the difficulties of remaining covered, particularly being modest before entering the water and upon exit, have often excluded that particular fun from my activities.

I'm happy to announce that I've found a solution! I ordered a custom-made nylon lycra (spandex) swimsuit from Simply Modest Swimwear.

I haven't tested it in the water yet (a pool in the middle of a New Zealand winter doesn't attract me), but I have confidence it will meet my needs due to email discussions with Crystal at Simply Modest Swimwear and many satisfied comments from delighted customers at Simply Modest Swimwear on Facebook.

Love the colours! Love the silky feel! Love that my face, hands, and feet are the only places I'll need sunscreen! (Hate sunscreen!) The reef shoes aren't part of the package. I bought them at The Warehouse well before I had the swimsuit. Good match, eh?*

Simply Modest Swimwear features pull-on leggings and an easy-pull-on dress with double layered bodice. You can choose your fabric (see the BNTV swimwear video for a colourful array of ideas), and if you order a custom-made suit, you can specify the arm, leg, and skirt length, and anything else that your preference dictates. Crystal stocks a variety of gorgeous prints in quality 4-way stretch lycra, fabric which I have not been able to find in New Zealand.

Simply Modest Swimwear also offers swim shirts (think double layered rash vest), sew-your-own kits, and fabric and body care products to deal with the effects of chlorine or salt water and ensure your swimsuit lasts as long as possible.

My order from Simply Modest Swimwear achieved free shipping status, which was quite significant for a package travelling from Canada to New Zealand.

If you're hoping to enjoy the water this summer, now is the time to plan and save for your modest swimsuit. If your usual swim outfit is compiled from the racks of stores such as EziBuy, you can be sure that one modest swimsuit will be cheaper than board shorts, rash vest, and bikini pants and tank/bra to go under them.

Check it out now!

All prices at Simply Modest Swimwear are in US$. Here is an easy way for you to keep track of what you would be spending in your native currency: Currency Calculator.

*Health Note: Narelle is not an example of a healthy height/weight ratio. She suffers from a hijacked gut, meaning her body has been forced to make do with starvation rations. Under GP direction, she's on an extensive (natural) treatment program, and dreams of being fat and well favoured like Pharoah's kine.

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Marci Rapp, MarSea Modest Swimwear said...

We also manufacture modest swimwear. Our styles include SwimDresses, SwimTops, SwimSkirts, SwimShorts/Capris, SwimBras, SwimBandanas, AquaSkorts, New, not yet pictured, VTees and Girls SwimSets.
MarCi Rapp, MarSea Modest Swim & Gymwear

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