Friday, August 12, 2011

Modelling Modesty: Love Those Leathers

If you have a long sleeve t-shirt with a low neckline, you can fix this with a coordinating short sleeved t-shirt as Narelle has done below. You can use a contrasting colour, but be aware of two things: you don't want the under layer to look like underwear, and you don't want the contrast to draw attention to your shape -- i.e. sleeve hems level with your bust line.
Narelle usually goes for simple, uncluttered designs, so she surprised herself by choosing this printed t-shirt. She likes it because the print hides any hint of nipple, and the gold leafing and studs outlining butterflies are a la mode. One piece of modern styling can bring a whole outfit up to date.

Now add leather. Okay, so it's imitation leather, but oh baby, I feel good!
Billabong handbag and bonny boots complete the look. [Are you shocked we mentioned a label?! It was purchased on clearance and it's more durable than previous bags of higher price and greater obscurity. We all love a good buy, don't we?]
Below is a closeup of the skirt design. The lightly gathered flounce is attached to the lining. A pleated panel and split have been set into the side front seam.

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