Friday, July 8, 2011

Undercover: The Right Bra for the Job

Here is a page from Bendon's official leaflet on what you should know about getting the perfectly fitting bra. Boutique Narelle explains the leaflet in illustrated detail in Bra Has Fit in Dressing Room (or, What I didn't know about getting the right bra size)

The rest of the leaflet advertises various bra types, but it doesn't tell you which bra is right for what job.

I recommend that you start by getting the right fit, and then if that doesn't provide sufficient support for your activity, ask for advice at a lingerie store that provides fitting attendants. You may need extra support, better ventilation, or a smoother shape. There are bras designed specifically to provide you with these things.

Apart from the right fit and appropriate style for your chosen activity, there's one other factor that will affect your modesty: the colour you choose. If you're wearing a sports uniform, make sure your bra is the same colour as your shirt, or one that won't attract attention to itself through the fabric. Where modesty is concerned, the more invisible the bra the better.

If you're like me and don't have the income to pair a particular bra with a particular outfit, you'll want your bra collection to be in adaptable colours. If you're dark-skinned, this may mean you need to choose black, navy, or nude coloured underwear. If you're light-skinned, you may need to choose white, ivory, or nude coloured underwear.

The pretty colours that catch our eye in the lingerie store are most often worn by women who want to attract attention to their body. If your aim is to direct attention to our face, flamboyant lingerie won't be useful to you unless it's covered by opaque fabric. If you need modest and adaptable underwear, go for neutral shades.

Female upholstery doesn't come cheaply. Ensure you get the longest life out of yours by following these tips in Caring for Your Bras.

Bra Lingo

Underwire Bra: has a wire built into the underside of the cup intended to lift, separate, shape, and provide additional support for your breasts. They're not famous for their comfort or health properties, and you may not need any of these shaping or support aids, so if you're not sure, ask the fitting attendant if it's the right style for you.

Soft Cup Bra: a bra without an underwire. Use the tips in this BN article to find out what kind of cup connector is right for your shape.

Sports Bra: provides additional support to breasts during physical exercise; is not limited to lively activity. Sturdier than typical bras, sports bras minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments. A front-closing style with a compression, seamless cup is often worn by women following breast surgical procedures. (Tip: You'll need a comfortable, supportive bra to wear immediately after breast surgery. Hospital staff won't necessarily tell you this. Minimizing drag on the stitches reduces pain levels.)

Shelf-Bra: a close-fitting camisole or cropped tank top made of stretch knit. The bust is lined with a layer held under your breasts with a band of elastic.

Stretch Undershirt or Camisole: extremely comfortable because it doesn't press or alter your shape; provides an extra layer under transparent shirts. The shape of your breasts and how your nipples respond to air temperature will depend on whether this garment meets your modesty requirements.

Make sure today that you've got the comfort and coverage you need!

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