Friday, June 17, 2011

Modelling Modesty: Urban Girl

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Model is Nina Donkin, photographed by Steven Sandbrook of Steven Sandbrook Photography based in Wanganui, New Zealand. If you want a photographer who understands and honours modesty, Steven is your man.
Peaked knit beret from Postie
Merino crewneck from The Warehouse
Long sleeved crewneck tee from Farmers department store
Skirt from Ballentynes (about 4 years ago)
Purse from Kmart
Stretch lace scarf by Narelle (see here for how to make)
Leather lace-up boots from local privately-owned shoe store

Narelle tries this shoulder bag, but she doesn't think it looks right.

Narelle tries to improve the bag by draping a coordinating scarf over it, but the outfit still doesn't look right.

She changes to a small, faux-leather purse and adds a satin ribbon bow to the strap.

Do you approve of the change? Why?

How to Tie the Scarf
Loop scarf around your neck so both ends hang down the front, one tail longer than the other.
Take the longer tail and thread it inside the loop.
Take the longer end up under the opposite tail and pull it through the loop.
Pull the tail down and wriggle gently until it all sits where you want it.
Voila! ...Narelle feels un peu le francais [a little French].

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