Friday, June 10, 2011

The Great Shirt Hunt Trek (chapter 6)

An exploration of the Outback Trading Company
who are Outfitting Life's Adventures

RD1* is 15 minutes walk from my house, longer if I take photos. I took photos so you could come with me.

I walked to RD1 twice today because the first time my camera forgot to take its memory along. I didn't mind because the day was a balmy slice of summer in late autumn after the first big drop of snow on the hills and two days of hurricane.

*New Zealand farm supplies chain store RD1 stocks a small selection of Outback Trading womenswear.

Narelle wears her R.M.Williams Ashville Shirt.

Even the vibrant green of the Ashville Shirt is no match for the colours of nature.

I agree the view is stunning, but we can linger longer when we return. The point of this trek is a modest shirt check, so let's pop in to this shop for a squizz at their tops.
I walked into the barnlike space of RD1's farm supplies store to see the faces of six staff behind the counter and in the office space beyond it staring at me expectantly. I guess it's not every day they see in their store a woman wearing an ivory wool coat and ankle length corduroy skirt. [Note: The day got progressively warmer so camera action took place when I was minus gloves, coat, and hat.]

There were no other customers in the store to distract the staff. I figured I'd better say something to explain my presence.  A wooden dog house stood between me and the counter. I brushed my fingers over the sandpaperish surface of the roof and commented, "I need one of these. It's too noisy in the house."

They grinned, and I was excused to explore the clothing department.

Vintage Kimberley Shirt
black 100% cotton, long sleeves, 3-button cuff
cattle horn (or winged, whichever way you see it) embroidery across back yoke

Winged Horse Tee in olive-grey
horse print up left side
long sleeved, crew neck

On the Outback Trading website, this Winged Horse Tee is called Side Lace Tee (illustrated further below) and has a slight variation in the pony print. Below is a close-up of the side lacing.

That's all that my local branch of RD1 has for women from Outback Trading. Ask at any RD1 store for their clothing catalogue for a more definitive view on what's available (it may be more than what's on the rack).  The RD1 website will tell you where to find stores in New Zealand.

For shoppers on the American continent, let's explore Outback Trading itself.

Prices aren't listed on the site because they don't sell directly to consumers. The "find a retailer" button will help you find a source of purchase. Note that the above tops are not available on the American website. Images below are screenshots. You'll need to click on the active link below the image to view further details.
Side Lace Tee in black
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, vintage look without a vintage feel
Perfect for any shape without bunching up, longer cut sleeves for ease of motion
Ruched Front Tee in orange, white, black
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, vintage look without a vintage feel
Perfect for any shape without bunching up, longer cut sleeves for ease of motion

Okay, I admit this shirt sells in the menswear section, but that doesn't necessarily make it manly. What do you think? Would you wear it?
Mustang Shirt in slate
NZ$49.99 (available from RD1)
100% cotton
It's not labelled wrinkle resistent, but the textured self-stripe suggests it won't look greatly rumpled.

Snaffle Shirt in purple, navy, blue, and red
100% Cotton plaid, wrinkle resistant
Pearl snaps on cuffs, pockets and center front
Subtle front and back yokes, uniquely designed front pockets
Wistful Shirt in celery, spice, and mauve
100% cotton, wrinkle resistant

View the image on OutbackTrading and you'll see the understated but very pretty embroidery.
Willows Suede Shirt in mallard, brown, and mist
100% polyester knit, wrinkle resistant
Loving the subtle paisley embossing!

Okay, we're done with shirt shopping for now. Let's get back out in that gorgeous sunshine to enjoy the view.

Just Wave Hello to the folks that you know.

Autumn sunlight on the creek.

 Ssssssh. Bambino is sleeping.
And a fresh rose is budding. Bambino understands hibernation, but Rose blooms in fragrant disregard for the season.

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